Married at First Sight Chapter 2429 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2429-Sonny immediately shook his head, “Auntie, I don’t want to go back with you, Mom will send me to kindergarten.”

Serenity: “…”

She reminded her nephew with a smile: “Today is Saturday, even if you go home, you don’t need to go to kindergarten. Sonny, tell me how much you don’t want to go to kindergarten?

You were so excited to start kindergarten, but now that you’ve been there for over a month, you don’t like to go to kindergarten?”

Sonny pouted and said in a low voice, “It’s not that I don’t like to go to kindergarten, I just think it’s more fun at home.”

Serenity: “If your mother hears it, you’ll be criticized again. When you’re in kindergarten, go to kindergarten seriously, play with peace of mind when you are young.”

Sonny lowered his head and responded in a low voice: “Auntie, I know; my mother also said the same. When I go to kindergarten, I will study hard and be better than Titus; I will just play with peace of mind. Auntie, after the long holiday, will you take me to play with Titus?”

Sonny still missed his little playmate very much.

“The National Day holiday is over. If you want to wait for the long holiday, you only have the winter vacation. You just need to go to kindergarten seriously. After the winter vacation, I’m not too heavy. Then I will take you to FC Manor. Titus will return to FC Manor for the New Year, you can play together.

However, you must go to kindergarten seriously, otherwise you will not be as good as him in everything when you play with Titus during the New Year, and you will have to pout again when you go home.”

Sonny nodded seriously.

In order to be able to play with his friends during the winter vacation, not to compare Titus, at least he must be able to draw with Titus, Sonny decided that from now on, he would go to kindergarten and study hard.

Serenity: “You wait here for Auntie. Auntie is going to change clothes. After washing up, we can go downstairs to have breakfast. Your uncle’s breakfast is getting better and better.”

“Okay.” Sonny happily agreed.

Serenity took the clothes and went into the bathroom. After a while, she changed and washed, and came out of the bathroom.

Sonny jumped off the bed, walked over, walked around the aunt, and praised: “Auntie, your dress is so beautiful.”

Serenity asked: “Auntie is beautiful, or is the dress beautiful?”

“Auntie, you’re beautiful, and you’re even more beautiful after wearing this dress.”

Serenity reached out and pinched his nephew’s little face, and said with a smile, “Your mouth looks like it has been smeared with honey. You will definitely coax girls when you grow up.”

Zachary opened the door and came in, and when he heard what Serenity said, he asked with a smile: “What did Sonny do? When he grows up, he will coax girls. Ah, if he’s stupid and doesn’t know how to coax girls, you and your sister have to worry that he won’t chase after his wife.”

Serenity laughed, “That’s right. If he can speak well, at least he doesn’t have to worry about him not chasing his wife.”

“Auntie, What is chasing a wife? Why should I chase after a wife? Does chasing a wife need to be eloquent? I am very eloquent.” Sonny didn’t know what chasing a wife was, so he asked sincerely and shamelessly.

Serenity smiled and said: “You are still young; you don’t understand if I explain to you. When you grow up, you don’t need to explain; you will understand naturally.”

Zachary said: “Look at how your Uncle Lewis… As for your mother, I know that your uncle Lewis is chasing your mother, and his behavior is chasing his wife.”

Sonny seemed to understand.

Serenity: “Sonny is still young, what do you know? You still use the matter of my sister and Mr. Lewis as a textbook.”

Zachary: “It is his business whether he understands or not. He asked, and we have to respond. When he first asked us questions, we didn’t answer him, which quickly dampened his enthusiasm, and he didn’t like to ask questions in the future.

Little things in life will also have an impact on his learning attitude. In the future, he will attend elementary kindergarten. He’s in middle kindergarten, and he doesn’t like asking questions in kindergarten, and he doesn’t ask questions if he doesn’t understand. This is undoubtedly not the desired outcome.”

Serenity: “…I didn’t think so much. Husband, you seem to know education very well. From now on, we will leave the education of our children to you.”


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