Married At First Sight Chapter 3005

Married At First Sight Chapter 3005-“Mr. Labbe, I am taking everything you said to heart.” Carrie also knew that Camryn would definitely become suspicious after seeing her.

Serenity couldn’t find the flaw, but Camryn could. After all, they were all sisters.

Camryn knew Carrie very well, but she didn’t know Camryn well, so she was stepped on by Camryn.

What she feared most was that Trenton wouldn’t help her. She didn’t know what Trenton was thinking.

Trenton turned away from her, and her two aunts left Wiltspoon with their cousins. She didn’t know where they went.

She had no one to rely on, so Mr. Labbe used her as a chess piece, which attracted her, and she eventually became Mr. Labbe’s mistress.

Mr. Labbe took out two pieces of paper from the drawer of the coffee table, handed them to Carrie, and said, “Look carefully and remember everything on this piece of paper. You will not make any mistakes or make people suspicious when you attend the banquet tomorrow night.”

Carrie took the two pieces of paper and looked at them. They were all unfamiliar names and companies, as well as the kind of business those companies were doing.

He wrote a lot, densely.

“Mr. Labbe, do you want to remember everything?”

Carrie was aware that Mr. Labbe had arranged this network for her. These people and companies all existed in Wiltspoon.

She attended the banquet for the first time as Mrs. Long.

When people asked her what kind of business her husband’s family did, she would tell them something so that they wouldn’t make people suspicious.

Wiltspoon was so big that, in addition to a few wealthy families, there were also many upstarts, and there were thousands of large and small companies.

Not everyone could figure out who the bosses of those companies were.

Everyone would believe her family was truly in business if she could only say a few things.

She had told Serenity a long time ago that her husband’s family’s main business was not in Wiltspoon, but they just liked to settle in Wiltspoon, and the family kept a low profile.

Mr. Labbe said calmly, “Not only do you have to memorize it, but you also have to learn it thoroughly. As the wife of the Labbe family, you don’t even know what the Labbe family does. You would be suspicious. Others won’t question you, but Camryn will definitely question you. The one you have to guard against is Camryn.

Also, when you meet your blind sister at the banquet tomorrow night, be honest and don’t provoke her, let alone do anything against her. If she is targeted or laughed at by others, you have to help her.”

Mr. Labbe warned Carrie, “If you ruin my good deeds, I will make your life worse than death!”

Mr. Labbe stood up, reached out, and grabbed Carrie’s chin. He came closer and said coldly, “Any woman who ruins my good deeds will be handed over to a group of men. How will they kill her? Whatever happens to them, they will die miserably. Young, attractive, and intelligent, Carrie, you still have a great deal of work to do. I think you don’t want to die.”

Carrie’s face turned pale. “Mr. Labbe, I don’t want to die. I will definitely help you properly. I will do whatever you ask me to do. When I see Camryn tomorrow night, I will control my emotions and will not target her or provoke her.”

Mr. Labbe patted her face and smiled: “I know you are very obedient.”

Carrie was young and beautiful, but she had no scheming intentions. However, she was very vicious and arrogant.

She went to jail and was in jail for a while, but after she got out, she felt safe for a while. It didn’t take long for her true colors to be revealed again.

This means that the country is easy to change, but nature is hard to change.

Mr. Labbe just scared Carrie, and she would be controlled. Carrie was easier to control than his other mistresses, and she didn’t spend as much money as those other mistresses.

Carrie’s consumption was the least among Mr. Labbe’s many mistresses.

If Carrie knew that Mr. Labbe thought of her like this, she would definitely let her go and spend a lot of money. But after being poor, she knew how to leave a way out for herself.

After getting the money from Mr. Labbe, she saved it.

After the relationship was severed, she finally had family property and no longer had to ask Trenton to give her thousands of dollars a month for living expenses like before.

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