Married At First Sight Chapter 3006

Married At First Sight Chapter 3006-Carrie asked, “Mr. Labbe, the host of the banquet, do they know who I am?”

Mr. Labbe said, “They don’t know your true identity. I have also arranged for a wife from a wealthy local family in Wiltspoon to take you there. Remember, you are Mrs. Long, not the second young lady of the Newman family. Your husband’s family is low-key, and you are not familiar with them. Even if you see an acquaintance from the past, no matter how familiar you are, you have to pretend not to know them.”

Carrie nodded repeatedly.

Mr. Labbe released her chin, then said, “Follow me upstairs.”

Carrie was stunned. She knew what Mr. Labbe was going to do, but she had no way to resist, and she didn’t dare to resist. She had no choice but to follow Mr. Labbe upstairs.

Jensburg, Fortress Hotel.

After eating and putting away the suitcase, Liberty pushed Duncan and took Sonny out of the hotel, preparing to take Sonny to the streets near the hotel.

Sonny was very happy, jumping and chirping along the way.

Liberty asked Jim to follow Sonny to prevent him from running too fast and getting lost.

Jim and another bodyguard followed Sonny, and four bodyguards followed Duncan and Liberty.

They kept a certain distance, not wanting to be a light bulb, let alone overhear the love words spoken by two people.

“Sonny is very happy.” Duncan smiled.

Liberty said, “He loves to go out the most. When he was only a few months old, I would push him around the community several times every night. When the time came, I wouldn’t push him downstairs, and he would start crying and fussing.”

Duncan asked, “Haha, is that right? Was it difficult to take care of Sonny before?”

Liberty hummed, “It was difficult to take care of him before he was one year old, and it is still difficult to take care of him after he is one year old, especially after he can walk. He plays here and touches there. If he is not careful, he will get into trouble and break things. When he breaks things, his father will scold me, and his grandma will scold me too, scolding me for how I raise my children. I always let my children break things, saying that I don’t know how to make money, and I always ruin the family’s finances.”

Liberty said no more.

She didn’t like or want to mention the years of marriage between her and Hank.

“When you came here, your ex-husband went to kindergarten. Serenity told you.”

“As I said, Sonny doesn’t want to go to his place.”

Liberty said coldly, “Hank likes to speak ill of you in front of Sonny. Even in the past, when Sonny was afraid of you, he would always say that Uncle Lewis was a bad person. And both the mother and daughter of the Brown family can’t change their ways of eating sh!t.

Duncan, have you done any good rehabilitation recently? I’m still waiting for you to stand up and marry me. You have to stick to it. Don’t stop doing rehabilitation just because you are busy with business.”

Liberty’s words made her relationship with Duncan clear.

They were like a boyfriend and girlfriend in love.

Duncan turned to look at her, his eyes full of tenderness and sweetness. If he wasn’t on the street, he would have wanted to stand up and hold her in his arms.

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