Married At First Sight Chapter 3008

Married At First Sight Chapter 3008-“Mom, I’ll only buy one thing, okay?” Sonny was discussing.

Liberty said, “Don’t buy it. When you buy it, it will be piled up everywhere. Sometimes you don’t put it away after playing, and you have to ask your mother to help you put it away.”

Sonny quickly said, “Mom, I will clean up by myself. I promise that I will clean up by myself in the future.”

He also took care of it himself. Occasionally, he didn’t clean it up.

“Didn’t you come here with toys to play with?” Liberty would not easily agree to buy too many toys for Sonny. Mainly, Sonny really had too many toys.

Sonny pouted and said, “I want to buy new ones. Mom, I’ll buy new ones and take them back to give to my little brother to play with.”

Liberty said, “Your little brother is still too young to play.”

“Then I’m going to buy a red book and write some words and numbers, okay?” Sonny retreated and sought the next best thing.

There were also a lot of stationery and books to buy in the toy store.

Sonny visited that store before running back to Liberty to buy it. Jim said he would buy him whatever he liked.

Sonny didn’t dare; he wanted to ask Liberty what she meant.

Liberty always said that he had so many toys that the second toy room was full.

He also looked after his toys well. He didn’t want to give up his toys, even if Liberty told him to throw them away because he broke them.

Liberty put those broken toys in the trash, and Sonny would come get them.

“You can buy the red book.”

Sonny immediately climbed onto Duncan’s lap like a monkey and let Duncan hold him.

Liberty pushed them forward.

“Mom, let’s go buy a tracing book.”

As long as Sonny can get into the store, he will get his wish in the end. He liked a bunch of big toy cars and pretty toy dog dolls. It makes him happy.

“I just bought the red booklet, and I will write two pages of the book when I get back later.”

How could Liberty not know what Sonny was up to?

She reached out and poked Sonny’s forehead.

Liberty asked, “I’m not with you. You came back from kindergarten. How long has it been since you wrote a red book? How many words do you recognize?”

Sonny blinked his big eyes and replied childishly, “I wrote everything the teacher asked me to write. I wrote on time. My aunt taught me, and I can recognize many words again.”

At his age, there was actually nothing to learn in kindergarten. It was all about having fun.

However, the children who enter that kindergarten come from rich or expensive families, so they may have an easier time in the kindergarten than at home.

At home, their parents hired many tutors for them to teach them one-on-one.

Involution begins in kindergarten.

Liberty had no choice but to follow the test. She did not enroll Sonny in many subjects. She only taught him how to read, count, write numerals, and do simple addition and subtraction.

On weekends, he went to the martial arts gym regardless of rain or shine.

Liberty planned to sign Sonny up for art and piano lessons when he was five or six years old. She should also let Sonny learn the knowledge of the first grade in elementary school in advance.

There was nothing Liberty could do about it. The education in Wiltspoon City was very good, but the exams were also really tough.

“Liberty, the kindergarten is on holiday now. It’s the weekend. Let Sonny play well. Don’t let him write in a red book. How old is Sonny?”

“Whatever toy Sonny likes, I will buy it for you.” Duncan said dotingly.

Sonny was very happy. After looking up at Liberty, he put his arms around Duncan’s neck and whispered, “Uncle Lewis, if you go against my mother, will my mother dislike you?”

Duncan was speechless.

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