Married At First Sight Chapter 3009

Married At First Sight Chapter 3009-Liberty flicked Sonny’s forehead.

“Sonny, what are you talking about?”

Sonny touched the place where Liberty had played and said to Duncan, “Uncle Lewis, it hurts a little from the mother’s playing. Please blow it.”

Duncan immediately blew it a few times, touched it for him, and said to Liberty, “Liberty, don’t keep flicking Sonny’s forehead. Sonny is so smart, you will make him stupid.”

“Being smart is smart, and being stupid is stupid. How can he get stupid if I play him this way? Even if he doesn’t get stupid, he is already stupid.”

Duncan said, “Sonny is smart, but Sonny is not stupid.”

Sonny made a face at Liberty and quickly buried his head in Duncan’s arms.

Duncan was protecting him.

Duncan, who doted on Sonny, finally took Sonny into the toy store.

Sonny no longer required Duncan to hold him after entering the store. He slid down to the floor and picked up a few children’s drawing books. Then he walked back to Liberty, raised his little face, and asked, “Mom, I have already picked out the drawing books; can I buy more toys?”

Duncan said that he wanted to give it to Sonny, but Sonny still had to ask Liberty for permission.

If Liberty insisted on not letting him buy new toys, he would not buy them.

Liberty said, “You can only buy one toy. You can choose slowly and choose the one you like best. You can’t have more than one.”

Sonny said, Oh.

He wanted to buy a few more, but Liberty said he could only get one, so he would buy the same.

Sonny hurriedly picked out his toys.

Duncan watched Sonny touch this toy and then look at that toy, looking like he wanted them all. He turned to his beloved woman and said, “Buy back whatever Sonny likes, and I’ll give it to him.”

“Duncan, don’t spoil him by letting him choose only one thing. He came here with toys in the first place.”

Liberty insisted on buying only one toy for Sonny.

Duncan had no choice but to follow Liberty’s wishes. He wanted to buy everything Sonny wanted and give it to Sonny.

“Sonny has too many people pampering him, and I’m afraid he will be spoiled. It takes a long time to teach a child well, but it is easy to spoil him.” Liberty explained warmly, lest Duncan think that she was going against him.

Liberty also said, “Besides, Sonny really has a lot of toys. You don’t need to buy too many. Buy him one and let him choose slowly and know how to make choices.”

Duncan smiled and said, “That’s right. Everyone dotes on Sonny. There must be someone to strictly discipline him so that he won’t grow crooked. However, with his uncle, Zack, here, he won’t let Sonny crooked.

Leave it to Grandma York to raise Sonny, and keep it to help you cultivate it well. However, Grandma York is old, and she is busy choosing granddaughter-in-laws for her grandchildren, so she may not have the energy.”

Liberty hummed, “The person I respect the most is Grandma York. Grandma York is still running around, even though she is still young. Seren always says that the elderly are homeless. Sometimes they go out and never come back for a long time.”

Duncan said, “Grandma York is like this. She can’t stay at home and feels bored. She said that as long as she can still move around, she will go out.”

While Duncan and Liberty were chatting, Sonny chose the toys he wanted to buy.

“Mom, I’ve made my choice.” Sonny came over holding the chosen toys.

Liberty asked him, “Are you sure? After you pay, you can’t change it.”

Sonny nodded vigorously. “Mom, I’ve made my choice.”

Liberty was about to check out, and Duncan said, “I told you I would give it to Sonny, so I’ll give it to you. You can’t let me break my promise to Sonny.”

“Okay, then go ahead.” Liberty pushed him to the cashier and asked him to pay.

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