Married At First Sight Chapter 3010

Married At First Sight Chapter 3010-After coming out of the toy store and shopping for a while, Sonny clamored to go back to the hotel.

He bought new toys and wanted to go back to the hotel to play with them.

Liberty had not had a good visit to the night market in Jensburg, so she said to Sonny, “Sonny, can you ask Uncle Jim to take you back to the hotel and play with you? Mom and your Uncle Lewis will go shopping for a while.”

Sonny thought for a while and agreed.

So, Jim took Sonny back to the hotel.

Liberty pushed Duncan to continue shopping, which was considered a date.

“Duncan, how about let’s go see a movie? There is a big cinema nearby. I pass by the cinema almost every day, and I never have time to go in and watch a movie.”

Duncan couldn’t ask for it more. He immediately asked the bodyguard to buy tickets first, and he and Liberty walked over slowly.

Ten minutes later, the two people arrived at the door of the cinema hall.

The bodyguard bought the tickets and was waiting there. He also bought a lot of snacks for the two of them. They would eat some snacks while watching the movie, so they would not be bored.

The two of them just wanted to watch a movie, and the tickets they bought were for a movie that would be released soon.

They waited for a while at the entrance of the cinema, and then they could go in.

Duncan was not in a wheelchair. Liberty supported him as he walked in by holding on to the bodyguard’s shoulders.

After sitting down, Duncan looked around and saw that there was no one around them yet.

It was him, Liberty, and a few bodyguards. The bodyguards were scattered around the two people, which was equivalent to surrounding them and protecting them.

After Duncan sat down, he sighed, “I don’t know how many years it has been since I went to the cinema to watch a movie.”

Liberty was silent and then said, “It’s been several years since I was in love with Hank, and I would watch several movies every month. After we got married, there was no more.”

After marriage, Hank became increasingly impatient, even when he went shopping with her, let alone watching movies.

The initial impatience was that she always shopped around and picked things up.

At that time, she had quit her job and was raising a baby at home. She spent all the money she had saved to renovate her wedding room. Her pockets were so tight that when she went shopping, she learned to shop around and bargain constantly.

She could no longer be as chic as she was when she was single. She could buy whatever she wanted. She bought clothes that cost more than a thousand dollars a piece without blinking an eye.

After marriage, she bought all the goods from street stalls. If they were more expensive, Hank would scold her for spending money indiscriminately.

When Serenity and Zachary got married, the parents of the two families met. She took Sonny to buy clothes, but Hank called and scolded her. But Hank was willing to spend money on Jessica.

He obviously had a monthly income of nearly $100,000, but he only gave her a little money every month for living expenses. Later, he listened to his mother’s words and made an AA with her. In the end, she saw through her marriage to Hank and no longer hugged her.

Duncan held her hand and said affectionately, “Liberty, from now on, whenever you want to see it, I will accompany you to see it.”

“I will never be like your ex-husband, who does one thing before marriage and another after marriage. I will treat you the same before and after marriage.”

He did what he said. It was not easy for him and Liberty to get to where they are today, and he cherished this relationship very much.

Liberty was the woman Duncan really fell in love with. He wanted to show her how sincere he was to her.

Liberty smiled and said, “We are all busy. It would be nice to go out and watch a movie, go shopping, and relax one night a month.”

She was more relaxed before.

Now she is also very busy.

Shopping and watching movies have become luxuries.


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