Married At First Sight Chapter 3011

Married At First Sight Chapter 3011-Duncan picked up her hand when no one was looking, put it to his mouth, and kissed both the back and the palm of it.

Liberty quickly drew her hand, her face feeling hot.

The lights in the cinema were dim, and no one was staring at her, so she couldn’t see her blushing all of a sudden.

“Duncan, please be more serious.” Liberty whispered to him.

Duncan had shown himself to be rough and generous.

When Liberty got tired of it, it could easily make her blush.

In front of him, Liberty acted like a young girl.

Serenity said that Liberty was experiencing symptoms of a second spring.

Duncan smiled lowly. “Okay, okay, I’m being serious; I didn’t do anything. Liberty, if you want to relax in the future, whether it’s shopping, watching a movie, or traveling to relax, as long as you tell me, no matter how busy I am, I will put down the work at hand and accompany you to go out and relax. Work is important, but your happiness is more important.

I’m not short of money either. I used to earn too much money and couldn’t spend it all. I just went to work to kill time and earn some money as pocket money. For me, your and Sonny’s happiness is the most important thing.”

Liberty couldn’t help but say to him, “The amount of pocket money you earn is something that no one else can earn in a lifetime. Duncan, I seriously doubt that you are at Versailles.”

Not to mention others, she opened a breakfast shop and a restaurant. Because the business was good, her monthly net profit was also very generous, but compared to the money Duncan earned, her little profit was not even a dime.

Alas, people were so irritating.

She still had to work hard, get up early, and work hard at night to earn that little money.

Not to mention ordinary migrant workers.

Of course, Duncan’s ability to earn so much money was also due to his hard work in his early years.

Duncan had been in the business world for more than ten years before he achieved what he has achieved today.

Duncan said with a low smile, “When your wealth reaches a certain height, how much money you make is just a series of numerals.”

“Without feeling.”

Liberty said, “If you think you don’t feel anything, just go to the bank and withdraw a few million in cash. If you mess it up, count it again, one by one. When your hands become weak, you will feel it.”

Duncan thought for a while and said with approval, “Liberty, your suggestion is good. Next time you go back to Wiltspoon, I will withdraw a few million in cash. We will count the money together until our hands are weak, and we will feel it. I am also motivated to make more money. I want the woman I love to count her money until she is weak.”

Liberty was speechless.

Looking at Duncan, she didn’t know what to say.

Duncan chuckled, opened the bag of snacks, took out the popcorn, handed it to Liberty, and said, “Watching a movie and eating popcorn is good.”

Liberty took the popcorn and said, “I’m afraid I’ll get angry if I eat too much. However, after coming to Jensburg, I felt less prone to getting angry after eating something hot. Maybe it’s because of the different climate.”

In Wiltspoon, eating hot food could easily cause sore throats and gum pain.

“It’s the climate that’s different.” Duncan also got popcorn for himself.

“The movie has started,” Liberty said.

It was a suspenseful horror film. If it were Liberty in the past, watching a film like this, she would definitely scream in fear.

Back then, she was much more courageous and had experienced some dangerous things. When watching such films, she watched them more seriously, thinking more and not being afraid.

Duncan also asked her in a low voice from time to time if she was afraid. If she was afraid, he would give her free support in his arms.

Liberty seriously suspected that the Lewis family’s bodyguard had deliberately bought a horror movie, so when she was scared, she threw herself into Duncan’s arms.

After watching a movie, only Liberty watched it with gusto, while Duncan’s attention was focused on her.

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