Married At First Sight Chapter 3012

Married At First Sight Chapter 3012-From time to time, Duncan would take out snacks and feed them to her.

Liberty was well fed by him by the time the movie was over, and she told him, “It’s better now. I didn’t have any late-night snacks to hold on, and I have to take a walk to eat.”

Duncan stood up, and Liberty and the bodyguards quickly helped him out.

Duncan smiled and said, “Then please push me back to the hotel on foot. Just treat it as a walk to eat.”

Liberty also laughed, “Let’s go, but if we walk, I may not know the way. If we go the wrong way, we will wander around the streets of Jensburg all night. Don’t blame me.”


The night was darker.

After coming out of the cinema, the streets were no longer lively and gradually became calmer.

Liberty pushed Duncan and walked slowly. The bodyguard group followed behind the two loving birds, silently protecting them.

As they walked, it started to snow.

Liberty said, “Duncan, it’s snowing. Let’s get in the car and go back to the hotel.”

After walking for a while, Liberty felt that her stomach was not full. The weather was cold, and it was snowing again. She was worried that the road would be slippery and that it would be difficult to drive in the snowy weather.


Duncan had no objection.

The two got into the car and soon blended into the night.

When they returned to the hotel, Sonny had already fallen asleep.

Jim still stayed with Sonny. When Liberty came back, Jim left and went back to his room.

“Sonny is asleep?”

Duncan went into the room to see Sonny. Seeing that Sonny was sleeping soundly, he helped Sonny pull the quilt and said, “The heating temperature should be moderate. Don’t turn it up too high. Sonny is already sweating.”

Sonny kicked the quilt when he slept.

Liberty turned it down a few degrees.

Duncan wiped Sonny’s sweat away. He pulled the quilt again, not up but down, to prevent Sonny from getting hotter.

Seeing Duncan’s movements, Liberty had tenderness in her eyes.

He was really good to Sonny and treated him like his own son.

It is said that children have the purest hearts, and they know very well who treats them well or not.

The scar on Duncan’s face was still there, but Sonny was no longer afraid. Sometimes he would touch his scar and ask him if it still hurt. Not only was he no longer afraid of him, but he also became more and more attached to him. Some people believed that they were father and son.

Duncan turned around and saw Liberty looking at him quietly. He smiled. “Why are you looking at me like this?”

Liberty walked up behind him, hugged his neck from behind, and said affectionately, “Duncan, I love you more and more.”

Duncan: “It was an honor.”

He loved her more.

He was the first to invest in this relationship, and he had been investing in it all the time. It was only in the past two months that she accepted him and reciprocated.

When he had a car accident and became disabled, although she would take care of him and be kind to him, that was not love. She just wanted to help him get back on his feet. It had nothing to do with love. It took time for her to accept his feelings, and he finally got his reward.

Duncan cherished their relationship very much. In this life, he only loved her.

He drew her closer to him, gazed at her affectionately, and was compelled to kiss her flushed lips.

After the lingering and deep kiss, Duncan pushed Liberty away first, fearing that he would be unable to control himself.


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