Married At First Sight Chapter 3014

Married At First Sight Chapter 3014-Sonny didn’t even know he could shine.

Kevin lied to him.

Serenity replied to Sonny, “It’s snowing. Sonny is very lucky. We encountered snow just after we passed by. We can see real snow.”

“You can also build a snowman. I have never built a snowman in my whole life.”

“Did breakfast taste good? You should wear more clothes and don’t get too cold.”

“Your future third aunt, Hayden, and your third uncle, Kevin, are going on a trip. It will take ten and a half days to come back. If you go with them, how can you go to kindergarten?”

Kevin: Fortunately, I moved quickly and escaped the little light bulb’s grasp.

After receiving Serenity’s reply, Sonny made a video call. The aunt and nephew talked on the phone for half an hour.

After the video call ended, Zachary muttered, “I only found out today that Sonny is so good at chatting. He has been chatting with you for half an hour.”

Serenity smiled: “Sonny may become a chatty person in the future.”

Zachary said, “He will also be a warm man.”

A warm man and a chatty person…

“It’s past nine o’clock. My parents and grandma may be up. Let’s hurry up. Are you going to Annenburg in Province X today?”

Zachary went to get her clothes first and said, “I’ll go there on Monday and spend the next two days with grandma at home.”

Ten minutes later,.

The couple went downstairs, holding hands.

Liam was the only one on the sofa in the lobby on the first floor, flipping through the newspaper.



The couple first walked over to greet Liam.

Liam looked up at the couple and said lovingly, “Get up; I’ve left breakfast for you. It’s still hot. Go and eat it.”

“Where are my mom and grandma? Tatum hasn’t gotten up yet?” Zachary asked.

Liam said, “Your grandma took your mother out for a walk and asked Tatum to accompany her.”

Zachary said, “Grandma still has to go for a walk in such cold weather.”

“Your grandma said that you bought so many new coats for her in the winter. When she gets cold, she always wears them out to enjoy the cold wind and show off her filial piety to her grandchildren. Otherwise, no one will know that you are filial to her.”

Usually when they went out, there was a heater in the car, and there was a heater in the office. When they got home, they had a heater, and they didn’t feel the cold.

Only by going out for a walk, not riding in a car, could they blow the cold wind and make sure they were really spending the winter.

Zachary laughed. “Grandma loves to show off.”

Liam shook the newspaper and said, “In the future, my grandchildren will buy me new coats, and I like to show them off.”

Zachary: “…”

Serenity whispered in Zachary’s ear, “You also need to buy two new coats for dad.”

Zachary looked at her and smiled.

He felt that Liam was jealous and that the younger generation had ignored him.

“Zack, at noon, your mother, your grandmother, and I went back to the villa. Do you two want to go back with us?” Liam suddenly asked.

Zachary said, “If you go back so soon, don’t you mean to stay here for a while?”

Serenity also said, “Yes, Dad, it’s a rare chance for you to come here, so just stay here longer.”

Liam closed the newspaper and put it on the coffee table. Facing his daughter-in-law, he said, “We have lived in the villa after retirement. We are used to it. If your mother wants to go back, we will go back.”

They wanted to make room for Zachary and Serenity to live in a world of two people.

“In the evening, Tania also had to attend a banquet, so she went back and went out with Rosella and Madisyn.” Liam explained the main reason for returning to the villa.

Serenity knew about this, and Tania even asked her if she wanted to go, but then changed her mind and refused to let her go, for fear that there would be too many people at the banquet and she would be bumped into.

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