Married At First Sight Chapter 3015

Married At First Sight Chapter 3015-Serenity said “oh” and said to Zachary, “Husband, how about we go back to the villa to stay for two days? We don’t work on weekends, and the bookstore is not open on weekends now.”

In the past, when she only had a bookstore, she would still open it on weekends to earn a little bit.

But the business had grown and the bookstore was still open; that was the feeling between her and Jasmine, and they didn’t care whether they made more or less.

So it was not open on weekends.

Before Zachary could speak, he received a message from Josh. After reading the message, he handed the phone to Serenity and said with a smile, “Okay, let’s go back to the villa for two days and spend the weekend.”

Serenity said, “We are going, so let’s invite Josh and Jasmine to come over. Let’s have dinner together at noon. Can we have a hot pot? I haven’t had hot pot in a long time.”

Liam had long been used to Serenity’s frequent suggestions about what to eat and had no objection.

Liam felt that Serenity was very similar to Grandma May. No wonder they were so close to each other.

At first, Grandma may have deliberately made Serenity her savior, so that the whole family was extremely grateful to Serenity.

Then, Grandma may ask Zachary to repay her kindness and marry Serenity on her behalf.

Liam cursed in his heart; Grandma May’s skills were so good. Fortunately, Zachary and Serenity had a very good relationship, and they were very affectionate.

Zachary, who doted on Serenity, would have no objection.

He replied to Josh, then said, “Seren, let’s have breakfast first, and then go back to the villa. I asked Josh to take Jasmine directly to the villa, and we will have a party in the villa.”

“Hot pot needs more people to make it more lively. Let’s call Remy and Elisa.” Zachary suggested.

Serenity sent a message to Elisa, but Elisa declined. She flew to Annenburg with Remy and returned to FC Manor for a few days. Remy could not stay at Wiltspoon forever.

Elisa was still very reasonable. Her prospective husband’s family was very kind to her, and Elisa also liked to go to FC Manor and had a cute baby.

After becoming an aunt, Elisa liked children even more.

She was not married to Remy yet, so she told Remy that she would have at least two children in the future. She liked children. Remy naturally obeyed her in everything.

Serenity said to Zachary, “Elisa is already at FC Manor. She accompanied Remy home early in the morning, and now she is holding Avah happily.”

She also wanted to go to FC Manor. Every time she saw Avah, she fell in love with her.

Zachary said, Oh, stood up, pulled Serenity to him, told his father that he was going to have breakfast, and took Serenity into the dining hall.

He didn’t want to continue the conversation about serenity. He was afraid that Serenity would be under pressure to have a daughter.

Serenity was not pregnant before, and everyone thought they would be happy as long as Serenity could become pregnant.

Serenity sat firmly in the fetal position, and everyone’s hearts changed.

She became greedy and hoped that she could have two babies with one child like Jane. Knowing that she was pregnant with a single child, she hoped to have a daughter.

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