Married At First Sight Chapter 3028

Married At First Sight Chapter 3028-It was not that Rylee was too selective in making friends; it was just that she was not suitable for them and couldn’t make deep friendships.

“It’s all thanks to Callum that she can see the light again. It was Callum who ran away several times before begging Dr. Carden to come over and help her treat her eyes. I don’t know what kind of bad luck she had to get Callum’s love.

I also saw it when she first came in. Mrs. York was very kind to her. I heard that Mrs. York was very protective of her daughter-in-law. Some people are just lucky!”

Rylee heard it. She could hear a lot of jealousy and sourness in Samira’s words.

Especially when it came to Callum.

Rylee looked Samira up and down and asked her politely, “Do you like Callum?”

Samira’s face suddenly turned red. She had been in love with Callum. Every time she met Callum at a banquet, she would wave her in front of him, intentionally or unintentionally. Unfortunately, Callum had no impression of her, even after doing so more than a dozen times.

She told her mother that she liked Callum and wanted to marry into the York family and become the second young lady.

Her parents supported her, but they said that to let her rely on her own abilities was to make Callum fall in love with her so that she could marry into the York family.

Don’t expect her parents to help her with plans or anything like that. They wanted to do business with the York Corporation and didn’t want to do the same thing as the York Corporation.

Besides, relationships couldn’t be forced. If she couldn’t make Callum fall in love with her, even if her parents tried to marry the York family, they wouldn’t succeed.

The young masters of the York family, who had begun to take over the family business, rarely attended banquets. Only those high-status bosses could invite them to banquets.

Callum started to show up with his elders at the age of twenty and learned to socialize. Up to now, he has only attended about twenty banquets in total, and Samira has dangled in front of him more than a dozen times.

Callum had no impression of Samira.

Everyone could imagine Samira’s depression.

Callum had always been single and had no girlfriend. Samira had no one to be jealous of, so her mentality was better.

She also wanted to boldly confess her love to Callum, like Elisa pursued Zachary, but when she saw Elisa pursuing Zachary, she couldn’t even touch the hem of Zachary’s clothes and was laughed at by countless people.

Samira backed down.

She was not as free and easy as Elisa. Numerous people had made fun of her, and they had damaged her reputation. She went back and forth without caring.

When she heard that Callum liked Camryn, she regretted it very much. She regretted that she had not confessed her feelings, that she had not boldly pursued Callum, and that she had missed Callum.

After asking about Camryn, Samira became even more jealous.

Samira’s jealousy flared up crazily when she saw Callum adoring Camryn tonight.

“When did you fall in love with Callum?” Rylee really didn’t know that Samira liked Callum.

She just heard that many girls admire the young masters of the York family.

Rylee admitted that they were indeed excellent. All of them were very handsome among men.

Since her best friend failed to pursue Zachary, Rylee never dared to miss the young master of York’s family.

She couldn’t even defend an elite man from an ordinary family; how could she dare to have an idea against the young master of the York family?

Her brother said that she was only suitable for men who were very clean and pure.


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