Married At First Sight Chapter 3030

Married At First Sight Chapter 3030-In the hall of the gorgeous main house, several ladies were sitting together, not knowing what to talk about, and all of them had decent smiles on their faces.

They were all born into wealthy families, grew up in wealthy families, and married into wealthy families. From birth to now, they have lived in wealthy villages. Even though they have bold personalities, their elegance has been engraved in their bones, and every move shows nobility.

When the servant brought Carrie inside, she naturally greeted Mrs. Joelle Erickson, the owner, and they chatted for a while.

This was the first time Carrie appeared in front of everyone as Mrs. Labbe, and everyone was unfamiliar with her.

Carrie also knew what was going on, and soon she got together with others in a comfortable manner, chatting and laughing.

She used to often attend banquets with her mother, and she also met many wives and some wealthy ladies.

Although she appeared as Mrs. Labbe, she could also interact with people she knew. Others didn’t know that she was the second young lady of the Newman family, but she was familiar with them and liked them, and they could chat together quickly.

After Camryn came in, she didn’t approach Carrie. She went back to Rosella and sat down.

Rosella glanced at Carrie, who was chatting with someone, and whispered to her daughter-in-law, “Camryn, that Mrs. Labbe, her voice and figure are similar to that sister of yours.”

Carrie had gone to Wildridge Manor to cause trouble and beg for money, so Rosella naturally had an impression of her.

Rosella said, “It’s very similar. If I hadn’t looked at the faces, I would have thought they were the same person.”

Camryn said, “When I saw her for the first time, I was shocked and thought she was the same person.”

When Mrs. Labbe arrived just now, Camryn accompanied Rylee out to greet Mrs. Labbe and said some bad words about Carrie. She noticed that Mrs. Labbe’s smile would freeze for a moment, and her eyes were wandering, as if she wanted to scold her. Even her expressions were quickly suppressed.

She was careful, and she still caught it. She already suspected that Mrs. Labbe and Carrie were the same person, but she became more and more suspicious.

“I saw her facial features just now. Her eyebrows are similar to your sister’s, but her face is different. Could it be that she had plastic surgery?” Rosella said in a low voice and quickly denied the speculation herself: “Not long ago, your sister came to our villa to ask for money and sued you. Even if she had plastic surgery, she wouldn’t be that fast. Think about it; it’s not her.”

Camryn hummed, “It shouldn’t be her.”

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quickly ended the topic.

Rosella told Joelle that she would take Camryn to meet her friends.

Rosella and Camryn got up and walked away.

With the introduction of Rosella, Camryn met several dignified ladies.

She also got to know several ladies from famous families. Those ladies behaved much better than Samira and were polite to her.

Camryn still liked to be more comfortable with Rylee.

These ladies from famous families were not so easy to make friends with. After all, she just met them tonight. In the past, she, Miss Newman, had no chance to attend the banquet and had never met them at all.

They would know her because she sent her stepfather in, which caused a bit of a sensation in Wiltspoon. Then there was her relationship with Callum.

Most people were envious and jealous.

Seeing that Camryn didn’t chat much with everyone, Rosella said warmly, “Camryn, you go play with Rylee and those young people. You don’t have to stay with me. Only when you young people get together will you have something to talk about.”

Camryn smiled. “Mom, then I’m going to find Rylee.”

“Go ahead.”

Rosella warned her a few words and watched her walk towards Rylee in the distance.

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