The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7101

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7101-The scene seemed frozen in time. Emperor Qadeer and all the divine beings appeared to be waiting for Quentyn’s response.

“I understand your concerns, Mr. Quentyn. However, since we’ve chosen to trust Emperor Qadeer, we must support him unconditionally.” Quintus broke the silence. “We fought that devil countless times in the Bnorlith Formation. We severely injured him though we didn’t kill him.

“I clearly remember you striking the devil, causing a glowing token to fall from him. If I’m not mistaken, that token should be the Marauder Token that controls the Marauder Army of One Hundred Thousand Warriors, right?”

Upon hearing this, Emperor Qadeer’s pupils contracted, and the other divine beings erupted into uproar. Only Thea showed clear signs of killing intent on her

face, on the verge of an outburst.

She could not imagine what her husband had gone through. The simultaneous attack of two hidden emperors, with power surpassing Emperor Qadeer, would have left him severely injured even if he survived.

Thea suddenly intervened just as Emperor Qadeer looked at Quentyn and was about to speak. She passed by the Marauder Warrior manifested by Lesia.

Seizing the opportunity, Lesia struck her with a transparent light. She trembled and then stared at Lesia.

“Don’t stare at me, Ms. Thea,” Lesia transmitted a voice. Ì don’t want to be exposed right now.”

Receiving the message, Thea swiftly redirected her gaze and hurried towards Quintus and Quentyn. “You old dogs, what did you do to my husband?”

Caught off guard by Thea’s sudden outburst, both Quentyn and Quintus were momentarily stunned. However, Emperor Qadeer stepped forward with a peculiar smile.

“Young Lady, please calm down. Your husband is the foremost among the Greater Realms, with unparalleled resilience. He’ll be fine.”

Fueled by hatred, Thea turned sharply and said, “Emperor Qadeer, should anything befall my husband, I, as Yin governor, solemnly swear to pursue vengeance with all my might, even if it means sacrificing my own life.”

“Alright,” Emperor Qadeer said with a helpless smile. “I have an agreement with your husband to guide him away from the Demonic Path. We’re family by marriage. Why would I wish him harm?”

With a sigh, he added, “You represent the Wyrmscale Source at the Wuia Integration Gathering. You mustn’t disgrace the Divine Marius in front of so many heroes.”

Thea narrowed her eyes into slits. She sneered at Emperor Qadeer*s hypocrisy.

At that moment, Lesia’s voice suddenly entered James’ mind. ” Master, you can communicate directly with Ms. Thea now.”

Hearing this, James was overjoyed and immediately transmitted his voice to Thea.

“Darling, find an excuse to withdraw. We need to discuss something important.”

On the oval screen, Thea’s shock was evident as she received the message, yet she remained composed. Suddenly, she lifted her head sharply and glared at Emperor Qadeer.

“I need an explanation, especially regarding my husband. Otherwise, the Wyrmscale Source will immediately withdraw from the Wuia Integration Gathering.”

After that, Thea flicked her long sleeve and returned to the group of divine beings. Then, Emperor Qadeer smiled at Quintus and Quentyn. “Don’t mind her, my old friends. She is James’ wife, the Yin governor. They have endured many hardships together, their love unbreakable. So, forgive her impulsiveness…”

“Alright, let’s get back to business,” Quintus said, looking at Emperor Qadeer and pulling Quentyn. “Emperor, Mr. Quentyn still has some concerns about you, especially regarding whether you can truly benefit all living beings after seizing the Forty-Ninth Heaven. We…”

“Rest assured, I’ll keep my word,” Emperor Qadeer said firmly. “The Forty- Ninth Heaven, including the Greater Realms and the Haleth Realm, must be ruled by US living beings.”

His words carried a powerful resonance, captivating the listeners. Quintus erupted into hearty laughter and looked at Quentyn.


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