The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6788

charlie Wade smiled and said, “Uncle Hank, don’t belittle yourself. Many businessmen who have been successful in a familiar field for a long time tend to have an illusion that they can succeed in anything. Based on this mentality, they blindly expand new businesses and new tracks, but most of them end up losing all their money. If I remember correctly, real estate companies are engaged in mineral water, video websites are building cars, e-commerce websites are engaged in social networking, and social networking websites are engaged in e-commerce. The operators of these projects are all large groups with a market value of tens or even hundreds of billions, but it seems that the final results are not very good.”

charlie Wade said again “You talked about new energy and overtaking on the curve last time, which was really eye-opening. I think you can definitely give them a deeper understanding of strategy and underlying logic.”

Seeing that charlie Wade thought so highly of him, hank couldn’t shirk his responsibility anymore, so he thought for a moment and said, “Okay, I’ll show off my wit and make a fool of myself. It would be best if I can help a little, but if I can’t, just treat it as a negative example.”

charlie Wade smiled and said, “Then give me a location and I’ll pick you up.”

hank said, “I’m at school. Tell me when you’re almost there, and I’ll wait for you at the door.”


charlie Wade has always been selfish towards hank.

He wanted to dig him to be the person in charge of Yisu Shipping at first, but he didn’t want to, so he introduced his daughter to him.

In order to get his daughter back from Syria, charlie Wade even took the risk of breaking into Hamid’s base alone.

Fortunately, Ziva Hank’s ability is really good. Yisu Shipping has developed very rapidly under the joint operation of her and Zara banks.

However, charlie Wade still thinks it’s a pity for talents like hank to stay in school to teach.

Although teaching is also a very meaningful job, there is really no need for such a high-ranking professor to teach the basic knowledge of economics in college.

If he can be dug out and let him help the An family manage the domestic business, it will not only be a rare opportunity for the An family, but also a good opportunity for him.

Some bosses have limited abilities and cannot build a real big stage. If they have a tiger general who can stand up and fight, they may be too talented and not get a real opportunity to display their talents.

hank must have his own ambitions, but these ambitions may be very big, so big that he can’t find a stage or opportunity at all, but the An family is different. The financial resources of the An family can also be ranked among the best in the world. What’s more, charlie Wade himself has now accumulated hundreds of billions of assets. In addition to the Wade family’s industry, it is almost comparable to the An family. If the two parties join forces, they will definitely be able to manage larger projects. For hank, it may be a new opportunity.

So, charlie Wade called his uncle back and told him that he would bring a guest to his home for dinner in the evening, and then drove to the University of Finance and Economics to pick up hank, who was about to get married.

The two met, charlie Wade asked the puzzled question in his mind: “Uncle Hank, you are getting married soon, why are you still working? Didn’t you take a wedding leave?”

hank said: “The teaching workload is heavy, and it is not easy to take too long a leave. What’s more, I have to go on a honeymoon after getting married. If something happens in the school during this period, I will definitely not be able to come back. So I should try to finish the work at hand before I leave.”

charlie Wade nodded and asked him: “The wedding is the day after tomorrow. You and Aunt Matilda have almost prepared, right?”

“Almost.” hank said: “We are going to keep everything simple. There will be no bride-picking session at that time. We will hold the ceremony directly at Shangri-La.

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