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Chapter 1497

“Okay, drive safe,” Camryn spoke softly.

Dalton hummed and watched her get out of the car. She walked to the gate of the villa, took out her key, touched the lock, and slowly unlocked the side door.

Anyone who looked at Camryn like this would think that she was a normal person.

They would not believe that she was blind.

She could live like a normal person in familiar environments.

Dalton watched her unlock and push open the door before leaving.

Then, he saw Callum walking over.

Dalton instinctively wanted to slam on the brakes, but he drove too fast. By the time he saw. Callum clearly, his car had already driven past Callum.

He gave up on braking.

Through the rear mirror, he saw Callum walking toward the Newman family villa.

Did Callum see him send Camryn back?

If he did, then there was no helping it.

Callum already misunderstood their relationship, and Camryn was unwilling to explain it to him. Dalton did not intend to reveal his true identity either, so he could use this as a chance to test if Callum was sincere to Camryn or just seeking a sense of novelty.

Camryn did not know that Callum had come.

When she pushed open the villa door, she startled the servants inside who came out to see her.

A maid came over.

“You’re back, Ms. Camryn.”

Camryn hummed.

The maid took the initiative to close the front door but saw Callum approaching. She turned to Camryn and said, “Ms. Camryn, Mr. York is here.”

Camryn froze for a moment before saying calmly, “It’s very late now. Please ask Mr. York to go. back. We’ll discuss anything he needs to say tomorrow.”

Then, she went into the house.

Callum heard her words but pretended he did not. He walked inside before the maid could close the door.

When the maid saw this, she silently closed the door and withdrew.

Now, there was only Ms. Camryn and Mr. Trenton left. Mr. Trenton was still in school, but he would come home this weekend.

The servants of the Newman family were all hired by Mrs. Newman and usually stood on Mrs. Newman and Carrie’s side. They listened to their orders and did many things to bully Camryn.

Now, there was only Camryn left in the family. Even if she could not see, she was still their master, so the servants‘ attitude toward her changed. They did not dare ignore her like before.

Whether they could stay and work here most likely depended on Camryn’s decision.

Of course, there were people who thought differently. Mr. Trenton was about to take his entrance exam, and he would stay at home for a while after the exam.

Their employer, Mrs. Newman, was arrested but Mr. Trenton was still around. They thought about enduring it for now and assisting him in taking control of the Newman family after he graduated from high school. They must not let Ms. Camryn become the master of this large villa.

It seemed like Ms. Camryn was not planning to do anything to them now, but who knew if she would settle the scores later?

However, Mr. Trenton was Mrs. Newman’s son. Although he was usually very caring for Ms. Camryn, the servants felt that he would certainly stand on his mother’s side rather than his half- sister.

Callum took a few large strides and walked up to Camryn.

Camryn stopped when she heard footsteps. There seemed to be a shadow in front of her.

She raised her head to look at Callum quietly. She could see a black shadow, but nothing else.

“Camryn, you were with that man all day, weren’t you? Where did you go together? It’s so late now. Did he just send you back?”

Dalton’s guess was correct.


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