Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 713 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 713

“It’s my company’s annual dinner in a few days. I’ll get an invitation for you. You need a gown for the event. I can come back and pick you up, or you can drive there.

“Why should I go to your company’s annual dinner? I’m not an employee.”

Serenity was not keen on attending social events.

The only reason she would ever go was for the food.

Nevertheless, as Jasmine said, Serenity would have to curb her eating if she was there as Zachary’s plus–one.

Serenity would rather check out new eateries with Jasmine..

“We can bring a family member to the company’s annual dinner. Others would bring theirs, so why can’t I?”

Serenity had no words as she stared at Zachary.

“I’ll be helping out a little at the dinner. It might be a little later if you want me to pick you up. I’ll come straight after I’m done.”

“Alright. Let me know on that day itself. I’ll head over myself, so you don’t have to rush back. You can come out to bring me in when I reach your office. You can’t expect me to enter the event like a deer in headlights.”

Relieved, Zachary replied, “Of course. Ms. Stone will probably be attending too. Mr. Bucham doesn’t have a girlfriend, but he’s interested in Ms. Sox. It’s likely he’d invite Ms. Sox to be his plus–one.”

In the past, Zachary would usually give his speech at the company’s annual dinner and leave right after.

The employees would not be able to let loose and enjoy themselves with him there.

As the life of the party, Josh would party with everybody until it was over.

Many female employees would try to partner with Josh for the company’s annual dinner, hoping Josh could see their beauty and assets and fall in love with them.

Although Josh was gentler, chattier, and easier to get along with compared to Zachary, he did not enjoy being attacked by a pack of hungry female employees.

Subsequently, Josh would hire a young woman in his family to be his plus–one for the company’s annual dinner to ward off the female employees‘ enthusiastic pursuit.

Now that Jasmine was around, Josh was likely to ask her to be his plus–one.

Serenity wanted to give her two cents that Jasmine might not agree to go with Josh. but decided to bite her tongue.

She was not Jasmine, so she could not make the decision for her.

After breakfast, Zachary drove Serenity back to Brynfield before rushing to work.

Serenity got back home and asked Mrs. Lane to get ready because they were going to Liberty’s place.

Alas, Liberty was not there. She had gone to the shop first thing in the morning.

Serenity then drove to her sister’s shop.

Renovations had not started on Liberty’s shop as the workers were mostly off for the holidays.

Liberty had basically bought the material needed, so there was no need for her to

come to the shop right now. However, she could not sit still and needed to keep her hands occupied.

Time went by faster when she was busy.

Sitting behind the table in the shop, Liberty kept herself busy while Sonny ran around in the shop. A glass door was installed at the entrance. Since the door was heavy and closed, Sonny did not have the strength to push it open. Hence, it was safe for him to race around the place.

“Mom. Mom.”

Sonny, who was happily entertaining himself, dropped his toy in horror when he saw Duncan approaching. Turning around, he ran to Liberty and called for his mother. He appeared scared.

“Why are you so afraid of me, Sonny?”

Duncan held a pinwheel in his hand. It was a gift for Sonny.

It was awkward for Duncan to scare the little guy until he went crying to his mother. Was the scar on his face that frightening?

“What brings you here, Mr. Lewis?” Liberty asked with a smile as she picked Sonny up.

“I pass by this place every day. I always see your shop open, so I thought I should come in for a look.”


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