Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 715 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 715

Even so, Mrs. Brown did not like it one bit.

Duncan was the boss of a company. Although his face was ruined, the man was loaded.

Mrs. Brown and her daughter stood in front of Lewis & Co.’s office building the whole morning while waiting for Liberty back then.

She heard from her son that Lewis & Co. was one of the biggest corporations in Wiltspoon and a more influential company than the place her son was working at. Her son mentioned that he himself might not pass the interview and become a senior executive at Lewis & Co.

It did not sit well with Hank that Liberty was employed by Lewis & Co. as he realized Liberty could get back on track to a successful career when she returned to the workplace.

It was a good thing that the couple was divorced now. Hank did not have to worry about being overshadowed by his wife.

Since Jessica was his secretary and she relied heavily on him, it fed his ego as a man.

Having recognized Mrs. Brown, Duncan stopped in his tracks and shot a glare at Mrs. Brown. He curtly questioned, “Why are you here?”

He cocked his head to the mother and son inside the shop before giving Mrs. Brown a stern warning. “I rent the shop to Liberty. I won’t play nice if you stir up trouble here. It’s not going to end with just compensation.”

Mrs. Brown retorted with more questions, “What are you doing here? Are you trying to chase my daughter–in–law?”

“I own half the commercial spaces on this street. You can call me Liberty’s landlord. It’s none of your business what I do here. Why do I recall that Liberty and your son are divorced? What? Didn’t he marry his mistress?

“You should be rushing them to get married. That way, you have a new daughter–in- law. Liberty has nothing to do with the Browns anymore. Stop calling her your daughter–in–law.”

Mrs. Brown choked.

The last thing she wanted was for her son to marry Jessica. However, her son would not listen to her and instead had a date picked to get a marriage license with Jessica.

Jessica’s parents, brother, and sister–in–law came today, asking both families to meet and discuss the wedding over a meal.

Mrs. Brown felt the pinch for her son at the thought of the Yates family coming to talk about contributing to the wedding and family support.

Liberty got so much money from the divorce.

At least, Liberty gave Mrs. Brown a grandson. Sure, Liberty had the money, but she would use most of it on her grandson.

After much deliberation and advice from her husband, Mrs. Brown accepted the fact. What more could she do? The money was already in Serenity’s bank account.

Nevertheless, Jessica had yet to carry the Browns‘ bloodline in her, and she stole someone else’s husband. Her son somehow wanted to give her and her family a sum of money and pay for the wedding. It was a hard pill for Mrs. Brown to swallow.

That was why she ended up here to look for Liberty.

She stalked Liberty and knew the latter rented a shop here to start a business. Mrs. Brown had not figured out what sort of business Liberty was going to venture into.

“How does she have nothing to do with the Browns? Sonny is my grandson, and Liberty’s my grandson’s mother. How are we not related?”

Duncan frowned. “What on earth do you want?”

Straightening her back, Mrs. Brown righteously uttered, “I’m here to see my grandson. Liberty said during the divorce that we can visit Sonny anytime we want. What? Is this a problem for you?”

Duncan was speechless.

Mrs. Brown grabbed her purse and walked past Duncan with her chest out. She added. “My son will get back together with Liberty. You stand no chance.”

Duncan wanted to laugh. It was not like he was after Liberty. Duncan was fond of the little man and brought him a pinwheel. How did it turn into him pursuing Liberty and standing no chance?

Liberty would never get back together with a dirtbag like Hank even if Hank wanted to rekindle the relationship.

It was Hank who stood no more chance.

Duncan turned his head and watched Mrs. Brown open the glass door and enter the shop.

A brief moment later, he chose to take off.

He was not that close with Liberty. Duncan could care less unless Mrs. Brown was trying to raise hell.


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