Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 717 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 717

‘Jessica wants the reception to be at Wiltspoon Hotel. How much is that going to cost? We’re paying for the reception. Instead of marrying for love, Hank is marrying. himself into debt.”

Mrs. Brown whined, “It’s not like she can lay a golden egg.”

Liberty grabbed a cloth and wiped the table. All the while, she listened to whatever Mrs. Brown had to say without giving her two cents.

Her former mother–in–law came to her to vent about Jessica because the latter was demanding and did not hold back on splurging.

If Jessica was foolish like Liberty for paying for the renovations and refusing the Browns to pay for the wedding and family support, her ex–mother–in–law would probably brag about Hank marrying someone younger and more beautiful right after the divorce.

Mrs. Brown would laugh at her for being fat and ugly. No one would want Liberty after she left Hank.

“Liberty, have you been thrifty and skipping meals lately? You seem to have lost a lot of weight.”

“Mrs. Brown, I’m no longer married to your son. You’re not my mother–in–law anymore, so you don’t need to show me concern,” Liberty retorted, not in the mood for a conversation with Mrs. Brown.

Mrs. Brown laughed awkwardly. “I’m used to it. It’ll take some time to kick the habit. Don’t be too thrifty. You can put the money from Hank in the bank to get the interest, but you lost a lot of weight. Sonny’s heavier. It’s getting harder to carry him.

“Liberty, your aunt… I mean, is your aunt financially supporting you to set up the shop? Your aunt is wealthy and can offer you better help than we could.”

Mrs. Brown came here today because she missed her grandson, besides finding favor with Liberty and finding out how much help Mrs. Stone was giving to Liberty and her sister. Would the family get anything if her son rekindled his marriage with Liberty?

Hank had been whining about the work stress lately. Someone was out to get him. and undermine him at work. Hank’s boss was picking on every mistake to the point Hank was worried he might not be able to keep his job. He planned to hand in his resignation when he married Jessica the following year.

He would look for another job after his honeymoon.

Stone Group was only second to York Corporation. It would be great if her son could get a job at Stone Group.

“I am able and have the startup cash. Why do I need my aunt to finance me?”

That was all it took to shut Mrs. Brown up.

It took a while before Mrs. Brown found her voice again. “That’s foolish of you, Liberty. Your aunt had been looking for your mom for decades. You’re her only surviving relatives since your mom is gone. Your aunt is rich. She’ll be glad to help you financially now that she has you in the family.

“This is a chance of a lifetime. I can’t believe you didn’t ask your aunt for help.”

Liberty stopped wiping the table and faintly replied, “My aunt wanted to give a villa with a front and back garden to me and Seren each. She also proposed to give us a lump sum of money to start a business.”

Mrs. Brown beamed. “I told you your aunt won’t give you anything less.”

“We turned down the kind gesture. We don’t want our aunt’s money. We’ll buy a house with our own means, and if we can’t, we can just rent.” Mrs. Brown was speechless.

Liberty was a fool!

An utter fool!

How could Liberty say no to a free villa?

Yet, Liberty wanted a piece of her son’s two–million–dollar assets.

“Liberty. Sonny.”

Serenity and Mrs. Lane pushed the door and entered the shop.

Seeing that Mrs. Brown was here, Serenity put away her smile and came at the old lady while rolling up her sleeves. Serenity questioned Mrs. Brown, “What are you doing here? I’m warning you. I’ll break your arm if you come here for trouble.”

“I’m here to see Sonny, Serenity. I’m not here for trouble.”

Mrs. Brown knew that Serenity was adept in the art of self–defense, and she was not afraid to turn violent due to her resentment toward the Browns. Mrs. Brown wasted no time explaining herself.

“You can ask your sister if you don’t believe me. I came to visit Sonny and even brought Sonny a new toy.”

Mrs. Brown remarked as she handed Sonny to Serenity. She uttered, “I’ve been here long enough. I should head back.”


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