Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 720 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 720

“Zachary owns a villa in a high–end residential area. The villa is huge with a front and back garden. The view is breathtaking. I did my research and found the price of the villas starting from ten million dollars.”

Liberty was speechless.

“Zachary said he makes millions in annual income and doesn’t have big spending. He saved quite a bit of money to buy the villa, but it’s still on a mortgage.”

“How much does he have to pay for his mortgage?”

“I didn’t ask. It’s his house. The mortgage is his business. I won’t demand a share of his house if we end up separating.”

“Don’t jinx yourself. What do you mean separate? Your marriage has only begun. You should invest in your relationship. Don’t be like me.”

Liberty wanted nothing about a divorce coming from her sister’s mouth.

Since she failed in her marriage, she hoped her sister had a better chance at spending the rest of her life with Zachary.

“It’s right for you to think so. His house is his unless he offers to put you in the title deed. We shouldn’t expect things that aren’t ours. Did you have a fight over this?”

By now, Mrs. Lane knew that Mr. Zachary backed out and had not been completely

honest about who he was.

All he did was let the missus know that he had a villa under his name and even told her a new lie.

Mrs. Lane was anxious for Zachary.

Zachary was not one to flinch in anything he did, but he could not seem to find the courage to be truthful to Serenity. So what if he was the richest heir?

It was understandable why Zachary wanted his identity kept a secret then.

Mrs. Lane was on pins and needles for Zachary’s sake. Although Zachary was a bit of a coward in handling this, Mrs. Lane knew it was not her place to jump into the conversation.

“I was angry when I first found out. I felt like he kept his guard up with me, but I later could see his point of view. He told me he has a villa and wanted me to stay there, so I did. I won’t go if he doesn’t want me there. There’s no point butting heads over this.

“Besides, for him to talk to me about it, it means he trusts me completely now”

Judging by Zachary’s income, it made sense why he could afford a villa. It was on a mortgage anyway.

Liberty was a little unhappy for her sister because her brother–in–law was distrustful of her sister. Nevertheless, her sister did not mind it anymore. Liberty said, “It’s amazing how a different point of view lets us see things differently. No point in splitting hairs. Apart from the villa, is there anything else he’s hiding from you?”

“Who knows? We’ll never know what’s going on in the minds of men.”

After much thought, Liberty probed, “Seren, have you ever suspected if Zachary is who he says he is?”

Mrs. Lane’s heart dropped.

Dumbstruck, Serenity inquired, “Do you mean if I think Zachary is not a salaryman? The wealthiest family in Wiltspoon is the York family. There are many people with the same last name working in York Corporation, but they are not related to the wealthiest Yorks.”

Serenity added with a smile, “Do you think Zachary looks like he’s the heir of the wealthiest Yorks? A senior executive of York Corporation takes home millions of dollars in annual income. It’s not strange that they can afford a villa.”

Liberty had a feeling that her brother–in–law would have more to hide if he could keep his ownership of a villa from her sister.

She never once suspected that her brother–in–law and the heir of the Yorks were the same people even though they shared the same last name. Liberty believed it would not be easy to marry into the wealthiest family of Wiltspoon, and the heir could not possibly marry her sister.

Although her sister was the best to Liberty, the sisters were not born into privilege. It was all about social standing when it came to the marriage of the rich and powerful. The Cinderella story was nothing but a fairytale.

Hence, Liberty never questioned her brother–in–law’s identity.

It was mainly because she had met her brother–in–law’s family.

The Yorks were the nicest and friendliest bunch. They dressed like everyday people without adorning labels and jewelry.


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