Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 721 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 721

“Zachary’s back from the business trip. You can take him to meet Aunt Audrey when you have time.” Liberty changed the subject.

Liberty had no way to tell whether Zachary was related to the richest family in Wiltspoon, but their aunt was the wife of Stone Group’s chairman, so she must have seen the York brothers before. If Serenity took Zachary to see their aunt, they would know whether Zachary deceived Serenity about his identity.

Mrs. Lane was listening on the side and thought she should remind Zachary when he got home at night.

It would be better for him to confess to Serenity as soon as possible.

“Zachary said he won’t be free until after New Year. He’s been very busy recently, and his company is holding an annual dinner soon.”

“Does his company allow employees to bring their family members to the annual dinner? Did Zachary say that he’ll take you?”

Serenity had never worked in corporate before, but Liberty did and was familiar with the culture. Liberty thought that if Zachary dared bring Serenity to the annual dinner, then she was probably just overthinking Zachary’s identity. Zachary might really be unrelated to the richest family in Wiltspoon.

“Yup. He said that he’d give me an invitation to his company’s annual dinner.”

Liberty felt relieved when her sister said this. She might really be overthinking it.

The boss had to show up at the company’s annual dinner. The current person in charge of York Corporation was the eldest son of the York family and the man that Elisa was infatuated with for many years. Serenity would know whether Zachary was related to the York family when the head of York Corporation showed up at the dinner.

After all, Serenity had already met Zachary’s younger brothers.

All of the York brothers showed up to help when Sonny was taken that time.

Liberty thought to herself, ‘If Zachary dares let Serenity attend his company’s annual dinner, he’s probably not hiding his identity from her.‘

After checking the time, Serenity said to her sister, “Liberty, I’ll come over for lunch later. I’ll go to Zachary’s office now and wait for him to get off work.”

Serenity was not manning her store today, so she had more time to be with Zachary.

Liberty smiled and said, “Go ahead. I’ve already bought your favorite dishes.”

Serenity picked up her car keys and said to her nephew, “Sonny, do you want to come with Ant Swer to pick up Uncle Zack?”


Sonny had gotten over his trauma and returned to normal.

Besides his mother, Sonny liked to cling to his aunt the most.

Serenity stepped forward to pick Sonny up and said to Mrs. Lane, “I’ll take Sonny with me and pick Zachary up from work. Mrs. Lane, can you help my sister cook lunch?”

Mrs. Lane said with a gentle smile, “Sure, Ms. Hunt. Go ahead. I assure you that you and Mr. York will be able to eat a hot meal by the time you come back.”

Zachary must be delighted to know that his wife was going to pick him up from work again.

Serenity took Sonny with her.

After arriving at York Corporation, Serenity saw Elisa at the milk tea shop diagonally opposite the office’s entrance. She spotted Elisa’s car first before she saw Elisa in the shop.

Elisa also saw Serenity.

She took the initiative to come out of the milk tea shop.


Elisa stood at the store entrance as she smiled and waved at Serenity.

When Serenity got out of the car with Sonny in her arms, Elisa looked even happier. She walked over and took Sonny from Serenity’s arms. She kissed the little guy a few times and asked him, “Sonny, did you miss me?”

Sonny responded in a baby voice, “I miss you, Ant Elisa.”

He then leaned over and kissed Elisa back, just like how she kissed his little face.

Elisa was overjoyed.

“Elisa, what are you doing here?”


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