Married at First Sight Chapter 1854 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1854 by desirenovel-Spring Blossoms was in the downtown section, not far from Wiltspoon Hotel, the two soon arrived in Wiltspoon Hotel.

Trenton just came out of the hotel with a bag on his back. He didn’t know where he wanted to go.

Callum hurriedly got out of the car, and said to Camryn: “Trenton is going out, I’ll stop him first, get out of the car slowly, and be careful.”

“Okay, go stop him. I can get out of the car on my own.”

She was forced by Callum to often go out in his car, and she was already familiar with it, and she would not be tripped when she got in and out of the car freely.

Callum walked towards Trenton quickly, Trenton should have made an appointment for an online car-hailing car in advance, he walked towards a car parked in front of the hotel, opened the door and was about to get in the car.


Trenton turned his head to look at Callum who was walking over, and then looked behind Callum, and saw his elder sister walking towards him with a crutch for the blind.

Someone ran out of the hotel in a hurry and bumped into Camryn.

Instinctively, Trenton was about to run over, stepped out, and retracted.

Camryn was fine, the man kicked her blind crutch, and after finding out that she was blind, the other party apologized repeatedly.

“She can’t see, so you just watch her go?” Trenton couldn’t help but say something to Callum.

Callum turned his head to look at Camryn, he didn’t see the scene just now, he didn’t know that Camryn was almost hit by someone, he said: “Your sister has come here many times, walk slowly, it’s ok. She was also afraid that you would leave, so she told me to stop you first. Where are you going?”

Callum looked at his fiancee when he asked Trenton.

Trenton was a little angry. Callum didn’t see that scene just now, so he didn’t have to argue with Callum. Now that Callum saw his sister, Callum still stood here, so he couldn’t go forward to help his sister come over?

“Is this how you usually take care of her? Always let her walk by herself?” Trenton said with questioning and accusation.

Trenton was young, but he also knew that the York family was a good place. The eldest sister could be liked by Callum. The two got engaged and became a fiancé couple. He was happy for the eldest sister, but because of his parents and second sister. He and his eldest sister could no longer go back to the past.

The eldest sister was not wrong.

But those were his biological parents and his second sister. It was difficult for him to accept this ending, nor could he face his elder sister calmly.

His aunt Azalea also talked to him. It’s not that he didn’t understand, but it’s hard for him to face it.

The first trial of the parents would be held soon. Trenton did not hire a lawyer for his parents, but his two eldest aunts hired a lawyer for his parents.

He had heard two elder aunts discuss countermeasures, and they discussed behind his back, saying that they would try their best to help his father get rid of the charges, get his father out, kill the second uncle’s charges, and plan to push everything to his mother body.

The two elder aunts said that his father did wrong things because of his mother, and now that something happened, his mother would be charged with all the crimes.

He had learned that even if they didn’t put all the charges on his mother, his mother’s crimes were serious, involving gangsters, suspected of child trafficking, and hurting others. If these kinds of crimes were added together, his mother would at least be charged. Sentenced to more than ten years, if severe, may be life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

Because what his mother did got a lot of attention and had a big effect on society as a whole.

Even though he felt that his mother deserved it, he was still very angry and sad when he heard that they were going to blame her for all the crimes.


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