Married at First Sight Chapter 1857 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1857 by desirenovel-It’s our business; if you want to assist, please assist your sister. Also keep in mind that you have a stake in Newman’s family’s assets.

Study hard once classes begin and don’t worry about adult matters; they will be handled by adults. Don’t be too frugal at school; if you run out of money, just let me know and I’ll send you some.”

Trenton looked at his eldest sister for a long while, and suddenly asked her: “Are you really willing to share the family property with me?”

They all told him that when his eldest sister took over Newman’s company, she would absolutely monopolize the company and would not let him intervene, let alone distribute the family property to him, because his sister resented his parents.

Even his mother was the mother of his sister.

But the mother’s attitude towards the elder sister was very bad. In the elder sister’s heart, the real mother was probably more vicious than the stepmother.

“Ouch.” Trenton was in pain because his elder sister slapped him hard on the face.

Trenton glared at the elder sister angrily, and said sarcastically: “Is it right? You are all hypocritical to me now. If I was not still studying, maybe you would try to get me in, so The entire Newmans is yours, and you have also avenged your father and made a fuss.”

This time Camryn didn’t pinch his younger brother’s face, but slapped him directly.

Trenton didn’t dodge either, and was slapped by his sister. After being slapped, he felt a burning pain on his face. Looking at his sister, his eyes were red, but he refused to cry stubbornly.

“Trenton, that’s how you think of me, right? You believe everything they say, but you don’t believe what I say?” Camryn was very angry with his younger brother.

Callum sighed secretly, held her hand, and comforted her: “Camryn, Trenton has no intentions, he is still young. He doesn’t understand many things, and his understanding is different.”

He said Trenton again : “Trenton, I know that you will never be able to face your sister. No matter how big a mistake your parents made, they are your parents to you. You have always respected your sister, but it was your sister who sent your parents to go in.”

“However, if they hadn’t made mistakes and would be punished by the law, no matter how much your sister hated them, she wouldn’t be able to send them in. You are a kind-hearted child, and regardless of your kinship, you think your sister is at fault. Is it?”

Trenton’s eyes turned redder.

He looked away.

The two eldest aunts and those cousins ​​always came to bother him, accusing the eldest sister of being ruthless and cold-blooded in front of him, and saying that after the eldest sister took over Newman’s enterprise, she became more and more shocked.

If he didn’t do anything and let his eldest sister go on like this, he would have nothing in the future. They also said that no matter how big his parents made a mistake, he should inherit their parents’ property, and it is not his turn to inherit his eldest sister. She’s a daughter, and she’s going to get married sooner or later.

They also said that if he didn’t take back the company, when the eldest sister married into the York family, Newman’s enterprise would follow the other owner and become the York family’s pocket.

Trenton didn’t believe that the elder sister was that kind of person, but he heard a lot. When facing the elder sister, he got hot-headed and impulsive, and said something that hurt the elder sister’s heart.

He also regretted the words he said, but the words he said were like water poured out and could never be taken back.

After Camryn finished beating her younger brother, she took a few deep breaths, then stood up, and said to Callum, “Callum, let’s go.”

She didn’t want to explain any more.

She was free to hold any opinion her brother desired.

Different viewpoints were held by siblings. The father was not the same father as the mother, but the mother still loved her dearly and yearned to kill her. The younger brother grew up in a loving environment and had always been surrounded by it.


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