Married at First Sight Chapter 2442 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2442-Only then did Kiera feel relieved to go out to pack breakfast for Julian.

Julian said he wanted to eat something light.

She went to a breakfast shop, packed a bowl of porridge, and ordered some sauerkraut, which she gave to Julian to eat with the porridge.

Afraid that Julian wouldn’t be full, he packed another basket of steamed dumplings and then returned to the hotel with the packed breakfast.

Ten minutes later.

Kiera stood at the door of Julian’s room and patted the door, “Mr. Bucham, Mr. Bucham.”

Julian quickly came over and opened the door for her.

Kiera stood at the door of the room, handing him the packed breakfast, and asked with concern: “Mr. Bucham, I asked the front desk to bring you honey first. Did you make some honey water?”

Julian picked up the breakfast she had packed back and moved his body to let Kiera in.

Kiera originally didn’t want to go in, but seeing that he was staggering away and showing no intention of closing the door, and that he was neatly dressed, after a slight hesitation, she walked into his room.

Last night, she was the one who helped him back to his room to rest.

Fortunately, she had been practicing martial arts since she was a child, so she was strong enough to help him back to his room.

An ordinary girl really couldn’t help Julian. When he was drunk, he couldn’t even walk. If no one helped him, he would lie down on the ground. Even if someone helped him, his whole body weight would be on the person who helped him.

So it took a lot of effort to support him.

“The water has just been boiled. It’s still very hot. I’ll make some honey water later. I’m starving. Let’s eat breakfast first.”

Julian was also really hungry.

He drank too much yesterday and didn’t get much food. Now it’s past breakfast time, so it’s strange that he’s not hungry.

He sat down in front of the computer desk in the room, impatiently opened the bag containing the breakfast, and took out the breakfast that Kiera had packed for him one by one.

White porridge, sauerkraut, steamed dumplings.

It’s really simple and light!

To be honest, Julian had never had such a simple breakfast.

Julian, who was usually used to delicacies from mountains and seas and big fish and meat, did not dislike Kiera’s packed breakfast.

When a person is extremely hungry, everything they eat feels delicious, and besides, it’s also good to change the taste once in a while.

“Mr. Bucham, you said you wanted something lighter, so I packed a bowl of porridge and a basket of steamed dumplings for you.”

Kiera sat down opposite him, saw the cup of boiling water drying, touched it with her hand, said, “It’s still a little hot.”

She picked up the cup of boiling water, got up and walked away.

Soon after, she came back with the glass of water.

She poured half a cup of honey from the front desk into the cup of warm water, then handed the cup to Julian, and said, “When you drink it later, you can drink it after stirring it with a spoon.”

Julian touched the outside of the water glass and found that the temperature was moderate.

“I took it to the sink just now, put some cold water in the dish, and then put the whole glass of water into the cold water, so that it cools down quickly. I want to drink water at home, and I will do this when I think the water is too hot. But my mother usually helps us dry the boiled water in advance, knowing that we will drink water when we come back.”

They exercised a lot, and they needed to drink a lot of water, especially in summer.


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