Married at First Sight Chapter 2446 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2446-Kiera tilted her head, and the sharp knife passed in front of her, almost scratching her face.

The man flicked his wrist and slashed Kiera’s neck with the sharp knife.

Julian’s big hand seemed to appear suddenly, and quickly grabbed his hand. With a strong force, the man let out a scream, and then the sharp knife in his hand fell to the ground. Then, he was kicked again. He could not retreat because Julian’s big hand was still tightly clasping his wrist.

Julian turned around, turned to the robber’s back, and kicked the robber’s hind legs. The man only felt pain in his hind legs and fell to his knees involuntarily. His wrists that were restrained were immediately pulled by Julian.

Julian bullied the robber again, pushed the robber to the ground, and rubbed his face hard against the ground. The robber’s face was bruised and bleeding, and the pain made him scream: “Call XXX quickly, help, call the police.”

Julian chuckled, “Yes, yes, you need to call XXX.”

He raised his head and said to Kiera: “Ms. Caron, please call the police.”

Kiera was surprised by Julian’s skills and thought his movements were so cool.

After hearing Julian’s words, she quickly took out her mobile phone and called the police.

Before the police arrived, Julian controlled the robber so that he could not move.

Kiera was full of doubts, but she didn’t ask immediately. Instead, she helped the woman with the sprained foot first, handed the bag back to her, and asked with concern: “Are you okay? See what’s in the bag? Is there any less?”

The woman said: “I twisted my foot.”

The woman replied in a bit of pain, and then quickly opened the bag to look. After reading it, she said to Kiera: “Fortunately, there are many things in my bag, I was scared to death. Sister, thank you, thank you so much. If it weren’t for your help, my bag would have been snatched away.”

The woman was in charge of the finances and the running of a processing plant. She had to pay the workers’ wages today. Since the factory was a place for processing and didn’t have a lot of set rules, wages were paid in cash.

She went to the bank and withdraw more than $100,000 in cash, intending to take it back to the factory to pay the workers, but who knew she would be targeted.

The Robber snatched her bag before she got into the car. She chased and shouted desperately, but the robber ran too fast, and no one in front of her reacted fast enough to help her intercept the robber. She struggled to catch up and couldn’t catch up.

Fortunately, she met Kiera and Julian, otherwise she would not get the package back and the workers would lose their wages.

In the past, she used to carry money in an ordinary package, which did not attract attention and was always safe. This time she would be robbed. She suspected that she was being targeted in the bank.

Kiera: “We just passed by and heard your yelling. We have already called the police.”

“Thank you, thank you so much.”

The woman thanked Kiera and Julian repeatedly.

The police arrived quickly.

The robber was handcuffed to the car.

After the onlookers knew what was going on, they all gave Kiera and Julian a thumbs up, praising them for their bravery.

After the police arrived, the two quietly left the scene.

After walking away, Kiera turned her head and looked at Julian beside her, and said with a smile: “Mr. Bucham, you are so secretive. You are so good at it, but you also said that you want to join my Caron Family Martial Arts Gym to learn martial arts, and you also said that you want to worship my dad. I see your skill; even my dad can’t be your master.”

Julian said sheepishly: “I was thinking of a way to repay you. Yes, I actually know martial arts. Ms. Caron, like you, I have learned martial arts when I was young. Our family is rich. My parents said that even if we can hire a lot of Bodyguard, if the bodyguard is bought by someone, instead of protecting me, they will stab me in the back.”


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