Married At First Sight Chapter 3016

Married At First Sight Chapter 3016-Zachary did not tell Serenity that Tania did not believe in Buddhism. Since Serenity became pregnant, Tania often took Liam secretly to those temples to burn incense and pray for Serenity to give birth to a daughter.

Well, he and Serenity also wanted to have a daughter. Especially since he could see Avah’s photos or videos every day.

Avah was getting cutter after cutter. Her eyes were round, and her eyes were always rolling; she would definitely be a smart child in the future.

Ben visited Moments several times a day, and without exception, he showed off Avah, his precious daughter.

Ben couldn’t bear to let Avah show up. People in Annenburg didn’t know what the Johnson family’s grandchildren looked like. The adults were doing a good job of protecting the child, who was too young. The media never took frontal photos of the child.

Zachary could see Ben’s circle of friends because Serenity had a very good personal relationship with Jane; otherwise, he and Ben would not be able to see it because of their gentlemanly acquaintance.

Zachary also felt that Ben did it on purpose. Even though he knew that it was difficult for the York family to have a daughter, Ben still showed off his precious daughter all day long.

Sometimes the posts were videos, and Zachary couldn’t help but watch the videos posted by Ben over and over again, wishing he could get into the videos and take Avah home to be his daughter.

After breakfast, they took a short rest. When Grandma May and others came back, everyone set off back to Wildridge Manor.

Callum and Camryn, who had returned to the villa last night, were trying on dresses at the moment.

It was Camryn who tried on the evening dress for the first time, while Callum watched from the side.

From time to time, Camryn would ask Callum, “Husband, is it okay for me to wear this dress?”

“Okay, you’ll look beautiful in any outfit you wear.” Callum said.

He stood up, walked behind Camryn, put his arms around her waist from behind, and said, “Wife, you don’t have to be too nervous. Mom is with you. Even if the sky falls, she won’t be able to crush you.”

Camryn said, “It’s my first time to attend a banquet with mom as your wife. I’m still a little nervous. I’m afraid that if I don’t perform well, it will be your shame.”

She leaned boldly into Callum’s arms and looked at herself in the mirror. She felt that she was radiant now and more beautiful than before.

Yes, she was very confident and beautiful. It’s just that she was blind before, and her eyes were not as agile and bright as they are now.

“I told you I would go with you, but you and mom didn’t let me follow.” Callum complained.

Camryn smiled and said, “Mom said that basically all of us female compatriots, even if there are husbands accompanying us, are all the same age as dad. You young men should not follow us to join in the fun.”

Callum curled his lips and said, “I always feel that mom is afraid that if I follow you, I will steal you from her. She is going to show off to her friends that she has a daughter-in-law. The sons of her friends are about the same age as me. Some are several years older than me, but they are still single.”

Callum said solemnly, “I am still good. Now that I have a wife, I am not the same as them.”

Camryn turned around in his arms, smiled, and touched his handsome face. “Don’t talk about yourself so pitifully. You are the real high-quality men. The requirements for marrying a wife are too high. If you don’t need a marriage, you won’t. If you haven’t found the right one, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to get married.”

Those who could be in the same circle as the York family were all big guys. They didn’t have to worry about having wives. It’s just that they were too busy with work and were not in a hurry.

They were even more afraid that others would take a fancy to their money.

When Callum pursued her, most of his work was given to his brothers.

But other families were not as prosperous as the York family, nor were they as united and friendly as the York family brothers.


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