Married At First Sight Chapter 3018

Married At First Sight Chapter 3018-Tatum said to Grandma May, “Grandma, didn’t you ask me to accompany you well?”

Grandma May said, “When I got home, before I even took a sip of water, I was going down the mountain to chat with those old ladies and play cards.”

Serenity said, “Grandma, it’s not easy for old ladies to save some money. Why don’t you come back once and win all the money they finally saved.”

Grandma May laughed and said, “I won’t win their money. If I lose, I’ll draw a stroke on their face to see who can be painted into a painted-faced cat.”

Everyone: “…”

They didn’t understand the world of old ladies yet.

Let them be.

Josh and Jasmine soon arrived, then Josh’s parents.

It was even more lively now.

When Grandma May saw Josh’s dad, she asked, “Logan, Walter went to his in-laws and hasn’t come back yet?”

Logan was the third-eldest of his cousins.

“He said he wouldn’t come back until the year before.” Demi, Logan’s wife, replied with a smile.

Julian confessed to Kiera, and Kiera was also interested in Julian.

After knowing that Julian liked her, she thought twice before accepting Julian. Within a few days, the two had already fallen in love.

Walter and his wife were also happy to be in Yonsburg.

The son, who was almost going to be a bachelor, finally found someone he fell in love with. Walter was extremely happy.

The big stone hanging in the hearts of the couple finally fell to the ground.

They were happy with Kiera and didn’t want to go back to Wiltspoon.

Even though Yonsburg was very cold and snowed from time to time, Walter and his wife would rather stay in the Caron family and warm themselves by the fire than return to the warm Wiltspoon.

The whole family of three was coaxing the Caron family to agree to Kiera and Julian’s marriage as soon as possible.

Knowing that Julian had that special disease, the Caron family was relieved that Kiera and Julian were in love. They had also observed Julian for such a long time and were very satisfied with him.

They were originally worried that Julian’s parents would ask for a match and would stop him, but after meeting Walter and his wife…

Mr. Caron felt that they were overthinking.

Moreover, Mr. Caron took Kendrick, his eldest son, to fly to Wiltspoon to find out about the Bucham family’s family tradition and understand the Bucham family’s character. Although marrying Julian might be a bit dangerous, the Bucham family’s character is still very good.

Mr. Caron believed that if his daughter was careful, she could stand out among the others with her boxing and kicking skills. She had enough self-protection ability and courage, so she would be a perfect match for Julian.

This also tacitly accepted that Julian was the future son-in-law of their Caron family.

As for when the two would get married, their daughter, Kiera, had the final say.

Julian would get married whenever he could get their daughter to agree to get married.

“When will Julian invite us all to a wedding banquet?” Grandma May asked.

Logan responded with a smile: “I guess it will be after the new year. It’s still a bit impatient now; Kiera is still young.”

Grandma May said: “After the new year, she will be twenty-five years old, which is not too young.”

But compared to Julian, Kiera was indeed a bit smaller.

After the New Year, Julian was 36 years old.

He was only one year younger than Duncan.

Duncan: …Grandma May, compared with me, I feel a lot older.

Grandma May: You also know that you have aged a lot.

Duncan: ……

Wasn’t he waiting for Liberty? He had never met a girl he liked before, just waiting for God to arrange Liberty for him.

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