Married At First Sight Chapter 3019

Married At First Sight Chapter 3019-Seeing Grandma May going out, Josh asked, “Grandma, where are you going?”

Grandma May replied, “I came back after being out for such a long time. I went to the foot of the mountain to chat with my old friends and play cards.”

She never put on airs like an old lady and got along very well with the old workers’ mothers at the foot of the mountain. Those old ladies loved to gossip with them.

Grandma May said, “You guys talk; I’m going out; I’m going to have hot pot later; don’t ask me to come back; let someone send some food to the foot of the mountain for me and my old friends to eat; I’ll have hot pot with them, preferably some barbecue.”

Serenity said, “Grandma, you are old; eat less barbecue.”

Grandma May said, “Oh, it’s up to you; I won’t eat it if you don’t want to.”

“Grandma, I told you not to eat, and you would scold me. Seren told you, and you immediately agreed.” Zachary complained deliberately.

It is said that grandma was a typical person who had a granddaughter-in-law, and her grandson stood aside.

Grandma May left happily. She just liked her granddaughter-in-law, serenity; why not?

There were too many grandchildren to be precious.

The lively day passed quickly. It was around six o’clock in the evening, and it was already dark.

The three wives of the York family (Tania, Rosella and Madisyn) took Camryn out to attend the banquet.

Callum arrived at the entrance of the villa and kept telling Rosella, “Mom, be optimistic about Camryn and don’t let others bully her.”

“I know, whoever dares to touch my daughter-in-law, I will be the first to spare her!” Rosella said.

Callum also said, “How about I go with you?”

“Your dad and the others are all left at home; why are not you following them?”

Rosella asked the driver to drive, pressed down the car window, stuck her head out, and said to Callum, “It’s dark and cold. If you have nothing to do, go down the mountain and pick up your grandma. She’ll play all day long. I’ve never seen her like to play so much and doesn’t like to return home.”

Callum said, Oh, and watched several cars drive away.

Camryn and Rosella were sitting in the same car. Listening to what Callum and Rosella said, the blush on her face never faded.

Callum really left her wondering what to say.

However, it felt good to be taken seriously.

Whether it was Callum, her parents-in-law, or other members of Callum’s family, they all valued Camryn.

Ever since Camryn lost her biological father when she was two years old, she has lived a life of being disliked and bullied without any maternal love, and she was almost killed by her own mother several times.

Evelyn could give her a little care, but she was married and couldn’t stay at her parents’ house every day.

At home, Trenton could provide her with some warmth, but Carrie cut that warmth off. Carrie asked her parents to send Trenton to a boarding school. He couldn’t go home every day, so there was no one to give her a warm.

Thinking of Carrie, Camryn thought of Mrs. Labbe.

If the two were really the same person, what conspiracy was Carrie planning?

The car stopped at the foot of the mountain.

Rosella pressed down the car window and shouted at the buildings at the foot of the mountain, “Mom, it’s getting dark; go home quickly.”

Camryn was a little stunned at first sight.

In her eyes, the women in her husband’s family were gentle, intellectual, noble, and generous. Rosella’s shout just now was like an aunt in the countryside looking for her children to take home for dinner, haha.


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