Married At First Sight Chapter 3022

Married At First Sight Chapter 3022-Camryn had long been trained to become an iron wall. A little gossip couldn’t hurt her at all.

The two eldest aunts, as well as Carrie, tried every possible means to destroy her reputation in the York family but failed.

The only weakness was to stand by her side unconditionally and always believe in her. What else could hurt her?

Rylee said, “That’s right. Don’t care what they say. Many people used to say bad things about Elisa, saying that Elisa is not good here and that she is not so good there. After you get to know Elisa, do you think she is good? So, don’t care what others say; they are all jealous.”

Camryn said, “Yes, they are just jealous. Elisa is the one who has been hacked the most.”

Fortunately, Elisa had a cheerful personality and didn’t care what others said about her. She went her own way.

Others were just jealous that she had enough confidence to pursue Zachary.

The unmarried Zachary was the dream lover of many women, but they had no confidence to pursue him.

Elisa had such confidence and dared to openly confess and pursue him. Regardless of whether Elisa could catch Zachary or not, they were all jealous and spoke ill of Elisa behind her back, ruining Elisa’s reputation.

After Zachary and Serenity’s relationship as husband and wife was announced, Elisa didn’t know how many people laughed at her behind her back.

People also hoped that Elisa and Serenity would turn against each other. Unfortunately, they were disappointed again.

Elisa was very chic, able to pick up and put down.

Knowing that Zachary was married, she immediately cut off the relationship with her sword. Now she has found her happiness and can marry into a prominent Johnson family.

Junran’s excellence was also known to people in Wiltspoon’s business community. In response, there was another wave of envy, jealousy, and hatred.


A servant’s voice came from behind.

Rylee and Camryn both stopped.

“What’s up?” Rylee asked.

The servant came over, nodded to Camryn first, and then responded respectfully to Rylee: “Miss, here comes Mrs. Labbe. None of us have seen her before, and we don’t know her well.”

She didn’t know what Mrs. Labbe’s status was at Wiltspoon.

Did she need to notify the host to go out and greet him in person?

Generally speaking, when ordinary guests came, the butler would greet them into the house. Only those with particularly high status would be welcomed by the host and his family in person.

“Mrs. Labbe?”

Rylee frowned. She was also very unfamiliar with this Mrs. Labbe.

She never heard of this surname.

Camryn raised her eyebrows but said nothing.

After all, she was a guest, and Rylee was the host.

“The visitor, Mrs. Labbe, is a guest. Just ask her to come in.” Rylee quickly ordered the servant.

The three wives of the York family were invited to the banquet hosted by the Erickson family tonight, and the guests were all members of their upper-class circle.

Mrs. Labbe must have received the invitation letter if she could come.

The status would not be too low.

Even so, Rylee had never heard her mother mention Mrs. Labbe.

Rylee said, “I’ll go call Mrs. Labbe.”

Rylee changed her mind. Regardless of Mrs. Labbe’s status, she, the daughter of the Erickson family, went out to greet her, and it was not considered contemptuous of her.

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