Married At First Sight Chapter 3024

Married At First Sight Chapter 3024-But today’s young people are open-minded and don’t like to get married. There are more and more leftover men and women. When the marriage rate is low, the fertility rate will also be low. No matter how many policies the country promulgates, it can’t encourage young people to get married and have children.

The two people talked as they walked and soon arrived at the door of the villa.

Since most of the guests have arrived now, the open-air parking lot in the inner courtyard of Erickson’s house cannot accommodate so many cars.

The Erickson family’s servants were instructing the guests to park their cars at the entrance of the villa or on the roadside.

There was a long queue of vehicles parked on the roadside.


Seeing Rylee coming out, the servant called her.

Rylee greeted the guests who had just arrived and, after saying hello, asked people to take the guests into the villa.

She looked around but didn’t see Mrs. Labbe, so she asked the servant, “Where is Mrs. Labbe?”

“Still in the car; her car just parked.” The servant pointed to a luxury car not far away and told Rylee.

Carrie saw Camryn and Rylee in the car. She used to attend banquets with her mother. She had met Rylee several times, but there was no interaction. She could recognize Rylee, but Rylee did not recognize her.

Because in the past, at banquets, Carrie, the second young lady of the Newman family, could not be compared with the daughter of the Erickson family.

Rylee was Elisa’s best friend, and she was almost always with Elisa.

Why did Camryn come out with Rylee?

Carrie murmured in her heart.

In the past, she couldn’t make friends with the wealthy ladies she wanted to make friends with. Now that she saw Camryn, whom she had always stepped under her feet, and Rylee, who were very good friends, Carrie couldn’t restrain her jealousy.

“Madam, please control your emotions. Madam, you only need to stay for half an hour at tonight’s banquet. No flaws can be revealed.” The Labbe family bodyguard reminded Carrie coldly.

Carrie thought of Mr. Labbe’s ruthlessness, and her heart trembled, and she quickly said, “I understand.”

“Get out of the car.” The bodyguard said it again.

The banquet held by the Erickson family was attended by famous ladies and wealthy ladies from Wiltspoon’s business community. There were also many bosses who accompanied their wives.

This was the first time that Mrs. Labbe had appeared at a banquet of high society in Wiltspoon. She kept a low profile and didn’t be too arrogant.

The two bodyguards got out of the car first and then helped Carrie open the car door and let Carrie get out of the car.

Carrie wore a red evening dress tonight and a shawl. She had fair skin and looked noble and generous in her red evening dress.

Because she was young and her face was full of collagen, she just put on light makeup to make her look younger and more beautiful.

She also held a red, exquisite handbag in her hand. After getting out of the car, she first looked around and then walked towards Rylee and Camryn with two bodyguards.

“Mrs. Labbe.” Rylee had a decent smile on her face and greeted Carrie with a smile.

“I am Rylee, the daughter of the Erickson family. Mrs. Labbe, please come in.” After seeing Carrie, Rylee confirmed that she really didn’t know this person, so she introduced herself and enthusiastically invited Carrie to walk into the villa.

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