Married At First Sight Chapter 3025

Married At First Sight Chapter 3025-Carrie greeted Rylee with a sweet smile and shook hands with Rylee. Then, she looked at Camryn.

Rylee introduced her: “This is my friend Camryn, the eldest lady of the Newman family and the second young lady of the York family.”

Carrie smiled and said to Camryn, “It turns out to be the second young lady of the York family. Have we met? I think I met her last time in the bookstore.”

Camryn looked soft and smiled lightly. “I have seen you before. Mrs. Labbe, I have some impressions of you. Your voice sounds very familiar to me.”

Carrie felt a little nervous.

Sure enough, what Camryn was most familiar with was her voice.

Be calm, be calm, and don’t show any flaws. If Camryn saw through it, Mr. Labbe would be very angry. When he was angry, she would not end well.

What was she afraid of?

Carrie told herself in her heart that she had always been the one who bullied Camryn, so she didn’t have to be afraid of this woman.

Carrie pretended to be puzzled and said, “How come Second Young Mistress York thinks my voice is so familiar? We seem to have only met once. I remembered I only met you once, in the bookstore in front of Wiltspoon Kindergarten. I went to buy information for my brother-in-law that day.”

Camryn still looked the same, and her voice was gentle and pleasant. “Mrs. Labbe, your voice sounds a lot like my sister’s. Not seeing your face and only hearing what you said would have led me to believe you were my sister.”

Carrie smiled. “I see. Do I look a lot like your sister?”

Camryn said, “No, her facial features are not similar at all. My sister is not as beautiful as yours.”

Carrie cursed in her heart: I am much prettier than you! What a blind man! You dare say that she is not beautiful enough! Who said I’m not beautiful enough? I’m also very beautiful.

Camryn said, “Mrs. Labbe, your body shape and voice are very similar to my sister’s.”

Carrie said, “Oh, really. After hearing what you said, I want to meet your sister. I wonder if your sister is here tonight.”

Camryn replied warmly, “She is not here tonight. She and I are half-sisters, and we don’t have a good relationship. She will stay away from any occasion where I am there.”

Carrie was very upset.

Who said she would avoid Camryn?

This blind woman said that she, Carrie, was afraid of Camryn.

She had never been afraid of Camryn.

Even though Camryn married into the second young lady of the York family, had the backing of the York family, took control of the Newman family’s business, and became famous in Wiltspoon, she, Carrie, was not afraid of Camryn.

Camryn had always been stepped on by her, bullied, and punished by her!

But at this moment, Carrie was so angry that she couldn’t say a word for herself. She had to keep smiling and said, “Are you a strict sister, Second Young Mistress York? Because you look after her, your sister stays away from you and won’t dare be in the same place at the same time.”

Camryn looked at Carrie, and after a moment of silence, she asked, “Mrs. Labbe, do you think I am a strict sister? It’s my sister who has done too many sorry things to me and feels guilty and dares not see me.”

“Mrs. Labbe, I’m sorry; I won’t talk about this anymore.” Camryn said apologetically.

Carrie came to the banquet, not to hear her complain about her.

She roared in her heart. Who did anything wrong to Camryn?

It was Camryn who bullied her, occupied the Newman family’s property and the big villa, drove her out of the Newman family, refused to give her money or a house, and made her live in poverty. Even Trenton every month Her living expenses were reduced by several thousand dollars due to Camryn’s persuasion.


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