Married At First Sight Chapter 3026

Married At First Sight Chapter 3026-It was Camryn who was sorry for her, but she had the nerve to say that she was the one who was sorry for Camryn.

Bullying her now that she couldn’t defend herself, Camryn put a sh*t basin on her head.

People outside also said that Camryn was gentle and graceful. Although she had been bullied and lived worse than a servant in the Newman family, her natural temperament was more like that of a famous lady than hers.

Who knew that Camryn was a sesame-filled person, very sinister and cunning?

Rylee also smiled and said, “Mrs. Labbe, let’s go in.”

She invited Mrs. Labbe into the villa and took Camryn’s hand.

Camryn could see, but she could only see in front of her eyes. Like people with high myopia, she had to take care of Camryn.

Although the two of them had not crossed paths in the past, they felt like old friends at first sight tonight.

Rylee liked to make friends with Camryn.

Carrie felt jealous when she saw how much Rylee cared for Camryn.

The two bodyguards following her were worried that she would reveal her flaws. When Rylee and the others were not paying attention, they took a step forward and touched Carrie lightly to remind her to hold back.

Carrie hated Camryn and Serenity the most, especially Camryn.

When she saw Camryn, she wanted to rush forward and tear her apart.

But at this moment, her identity was Mrs. Labbe. When facing this half-sister, she not only couldn’t show hatred but also needed to smile.

The d*mn blind woman still spoke ill of her in front of her.

She was afraid she often spoke ill of her in front of others.

No wonder she couldn’t get help when she contacted her old friends and some of the ladies she was close to with her mother. They even blocked her mobile phone number and no longer wanted to contact her.

It must have been Camryn who ruined her reputation everywhere.

D*mn you, blind woman!

Even though Camryn could see again, Carrie still called her a blind woman.

Regret that she was tortured to death before the blind woman regained her sight.

The same went for her parents. Why did they want to save face? If Camryn were killed directly, there wouldn’t be as many things happening now.

Carrie even blamed her parents in her heart for not killing Camryn back then, but when Camryn grew up, she climbed onto a high branch and killed her parents. Her parents were in prison, and she was afraid that they would be put behind bars.

After entering the villa, Rylee arranged for a servant to take Carrie into the house. She did not enter the house but took Camryn to greet another friend of hers and introduce Camryn to the wealthy lady.

That was the daughter of the Levine family. After Camryn shook hands with Miss Levine, Miss Levine started talking to Rylee and didn’t like to talk to Camryn.

Camryn noticed Miss Levine’s rejection of her and didn’t care.

She said to Rylee, “Rylee, I’ll go to my mother-in-law first.”

“Okay, go ahead and be careful.” Rylee could also feel Miss Levine’s displeasure with Camryn.

After Camryn left, she asked Miss Levine, “Samira, do you have any objections to Camryn? I think you don’t like her.”

Samira asked her back, “Is Camryn an RMB? Everyone must like her. I just can’t stand her gentle and graceful look. She is a liar and very hypocritical.”

Rylee: “Camryn looks like that; she was born like that, and she didn’t want to be born like that. Can you blame her? She didn’t lie to anyone, so how could she be hypocritical? She had such a hard life back then. If she hadn’t disguised herself, she would have died long ago.”


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