Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1509 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1509

Jasmine smiled. She called River by his name so that he would not feel awkward.

Deep down, she thought that Serenity’s brothers–in–law had different temperaments. Despite that, all of them looked attractive and photogenic.

They were even more handsome than the male lead in the novel she had been reading every day.

“Nana, you brought a lot of things. What are they?”

Serenity placed the bags on the counter and unpacked them.

“Nothing much. There are plenty of supplements at home. I’ve had a lot of them, and I can’t take too many. I’m worried that overconsuming supplements may backfire, so I sent some over. Young people like you work every day and feel exhausted. You need to improve your health.”

Nana added, “Also, there’s some seafood. Your mother–in–law asked me to bring it for you as she knows you love seafood most.”

“Now, Zachary and I are staying in the hilltop villa. There’s nothing we’re short of.”

However, Tania remembered her favorite food and sent over so much food. Serenity was deeply thankful to her mother–in–law.

“Your mother–in–law asked me to bring it over, so I did.”

Grandma May acted as though she was merely a delivery woman.

Serenity took a chair over for Grandma May to sit on.

Jasmine went to pour water for the two of them.

River put down all the things. As soon as he saw his sister–in–law bringing a chair over, he quickly went to take it and thank her.

“Nana, I missed you so much.”

Grandma May tapped Serenity’s forehead. “You’re merely saying it for the sake of it. If you really missed me, why didn’t you and Zachary come and stay in the manor to accompany me?”

“The manor is too far. Why don’t you stay at our place for some time like what you did back then?”

It was not because Serenity disliked the manor, but because the manor was quite far from the city. She had to visit her sister in the hospital every day and look after Sonny sometimes. Traveling to and fro was very inconvenient.

It was much more convenient to stay in Zachary’s villa.

This was also why Zachary bought the villa. It was more convenient for him to go to work as well.

Grandma May laughed and said, “You and Zack are now lovey–dovey. Even when both of you are in a conflict at times, you both can resolve it. If I stay at your place, I’ll be the third wheel that causes disturbance.”

In the past, she stayed with Zachary and Serenity to give her grandson an out and teach him how to make peace with Serenity.

“You’re absolutely not a third wheel.”

Serenity sincerely hoped that Grandma May could live with them.

With her presence, the atmosphere would be much merrier.

Zachary might not be as dull as he was when he just got married, but he was not any better now.

If Grandma May was around, she could liven up the atmosphere.

They say elders are treasures; Grandma May was the most precious treasure among the Yorks.

“Are you ready to work, River?” Serenity turned her eyes to River and asked with a grin.

According to Zachary, when they started working and entering the business industry, Grandma May would bring them to make a public appearance. The public would then know who they were and find them less mysterious.

“Yes,” River answered gently.

Grandma May said, “Now that you’re twenty–three, it’s time to start working. Later, Zack will hand you a small company that’s going bankrupt for your training. If you can revive the company and gain some experience, you’ll be transferred back here.”

River replied tenderly, “Nana, regardless of the task Zack assigns to me, I’ll treat it seriously.”


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