Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1510 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1510

Deep down, River was hoping that Zack would not assign the most unmanageable company to him.

York Corporation was huge and had many subsidiary companies. There were quite a lot of small companies under its subsidiary companies too. Some were not doing well, whereas some were about to close down.

When Zachary’s younger brothers first entered the workforce, it was usually either Grandma May or Zachary who assigned tasks to them. Sometimes, Zachary’s brothers would directly join York. Corporation and work at the grassroots.

Sometimes, they would be trained by being sent to those companies that were not doing well or about to close down.

These kinds of companies were the most challenging.

If his brothers could revive a small company and expand its territory, it would mean that they were capable of doing business.

After they passed the preliminary training, Zachary would get them to handle some great subsidiary companies.

At last, he would arrange for his brothers to take over certain jobs in the family business based on the evaluation of their performance. Then, his brothers would become the leaders of their respective jobs.

If his brothers did not want to take up the family business, they could start their own businesses. However, the family would not provide them with venture capital. If they wanted to borrow money to start a business, they had to sign an IOU. Furthermore, there would be an interest charge.

Grandma May often told her sons and grandsons that the Yorks were rich but not themselves.

The Yorks‘ wealth was accumulated by their ancestors, so it did not belong to the York brothers. They had to earn money on their own if they wanted to get rich.

Therefore, even if the York brothers started their own businesses, they would not be able to get venture capital just like that. During their startup, they were not allowed to use the resources of York Corporation–they had to depend on themselves.

Of course, the sons and grandsons educated by Grandma May had never let her down.

She was content with them regardless of whether they took over the family business or started their own businesses.

Grandma May hummed in acknowledgment. After Jasmine was seated, Grandma May took out. an invitation card and handed it to Jasmine.

“Jasmine, the Yorks will hold a party in Wiltspoon Hotel next Saturday, so I came to give you this invitation card. That night, you’ll need to attend with Josh to show your support.”

Jasmine promptly accepted the invitation card and said with a smile, “Grandma May, even if you didn’t send an invitation card to me, I’ll shamelessly attend the party.”

“Nana, whose birthday celebration is it?” Serenity asked.

If Grandma May had not come over and told Serenity this, Serenity would not know that her husband’s family was going to hold a party next Saturday.

“River’s birthday.”

River maintained a gentle smile. “Serenity, it’s my birthday. Initially, I didn’t want to have a party. Having a meal with my family would be enough. Nana said there aren’t any parties that I can joint lately, so she organized a party for me in celebration of my birthday.”

Serenity saw the light.

This would be a party where River officially mingled with the elites.

There were always parties. However, considering Grandma May’s identity and status, very few people could get her to attend parties. At this point, not many families had a reason for having a party as well.

Since nobody had one, Grandma May organized it for her family.

Coincidentally, it was River’s birthday. She took the opportunity to organize a party for him. Some understood the reason behind it, while others would understand it in the future.

“I didn’t know River’s birthday was coming up.”

Grandma May laughed and said, “As his sister–in–law, it’s normal that it slipped your mind. I nearly forgot about it too. I only remembered it today and made arrangements for it.”

This meant that it was not Serenity who did not realize her duty as Mrs. York. It was because Grandma May only made arrangements for it today.

Therefore, Serenity was not informed about the birthday party beforehand.

Even Zachary was unaware of it.


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