Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1515 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1515

It so happened that Elisa and Remy could get along well. This made Mrs. Stone feel ambivalent about it.

The message that Mrs. Stone had Zachary convey to Remy did not seem to work.

Remy still often came over as a neighbor to visit the Stones. He even purposely came during mealtimes. Obviously, he wanted to sponge food off the Stones.

After everyone entered the house, Elisa poured a glass of water for Grandma May.

Remy helped to bring some fruit and dessert over.

Grandma May noticed that Remy had become familiar with the surroundings of the Stones‘ house.

What a cunning kid.

He even left Mrs. Stone feeling helpless.

After all, he had not confessed his love to Elisa and it was normal for him to have familiarized himself with the surroundings of the Stones‘ house considering that he came over frequently.

What was more, Remy was very shameless. He would turn a blind eye to Mrs. Stone’s grim expression and Mr. Stone’s glower. Anyhow, he would brazenly come over as long as Elisa was willing to interact with him.

Among the Stones, Alice was the only one who supported Remy’s idea of getting together with Elisa.

Alice found Remy suitable to be Elisa’s partner.

It was mainly because Remy and Elisa were compatible and had many common topics to talk about.

Elisa used to be depressed when she was infatuated with Zachary. There was no response from him, and she was unable to get over him. She mustered her courage to confess her love to him and pursue him bravely. In the end, it was to no avail.

When Elisa got along with Remy, Alice could always hear her laugh, and Elisa’s smile was always bright..

Alice had advised her husband not to stop Remy from pursuing Elisa.

It was because Elisa was genuinely happy when she was together with Remy.

As Elisa’s sister–in–law, Alice did not want Elisa to get married to someone who lived far away either but all she thought about was Elisa’s happiness, so why stop Elisa from marrying Remy if she was happy?

Remy deliberately bought the villa beside the Stones house. He had his villa renovated based on Elisa’s preference.

Remy asked Elisa for advice and opinion on the layout of his garden. In fact, he wanted to design it based on her preference.

“Old Mrs. York, are you here today for Seren’s wedding matters?”

Mrs. Stone waited for Grandma May to finish drinking her water before asking her. She wanted to know Grandma May’s objective for coming over.

She thought that the Yorks planned to bring forward the wedding.

Now, Liberty was still in the hospital. Mrs. Stone was Serenity’s aunt, so she was considered an elder. If the Yorks planned to bring forward the wedding, Grandma May could discuss it with Mrs. Stone.

“It’s too early for Seren to prepare for her wedding now. Anyway, I don’t need to worry about it. Zack will

make preparations for it on his own. He’s not even ready for family support.”

Grandma May glanced at River and smiled tenderly, “It’s River’s birthday next Saturday. I planned to hold a birthday party for him. I’d like you to join us.”

While speaking, Grandma May took out an invitation card and handed it to Mrs. Stone.

“Drey, this is the invitation card. Come with your family to gather with us that day. Our families hardly get together. We’ll be relatives in the future. We need to interact more so we can be close.”

Mrs. Stone took the card and said with a smile, “Old Mrs. York, you’re right. We need to interact more so we can be close. None of the relatives can develop close relationships if they don’t interact with each. other.”

Grandma May then gave Remy an invitation card too.

Mrs. Stone opened the invitation and took a look at it. After that, she said to Grandma May, “Alice is probably the only one in our family who won’t be joining the party. She’s experiencing serious reactions to pregnancy, and she feels sleepy easily. Except for Alice, all of us will attend.”

She turned her eyes to River and said gently, “Congratulations, River.”

River grasped the significance of her message. Similarly, he smiled gently at her. “Thank you, Mrs. Stone.”


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