Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1520 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1520

Elisa sat on the bench. “That’s great. I can’t stand the provocation from seeing you people being lovey- dovey now. I feel jealous every time I see Serenity and Jasmine.”

“Elisa, you don’t have to be envious of them. You’ll be as happy as they are in the future.”

“Who can be certain about the future? However, if I were to be unhappy, I wouldn’t compromise. If my future husband doesn’t treat me well, I’ll divorce him and return to my family. My two brothers can support me for the rest of my life.”

The confidence of a married woman came from her family’s support.

Elisa felt that her family was very supportive.

“That won’t happen. Your in–laws will be great people.”

Remy felt the elders in his family were nice.

No one would make things difficult for their daughter–in–law.

“Let’s stop talking about me. Tell me. Who’s the lady on your mind? It must be someone from Wiltspoon, right? Did you buy a house here because of her?”

Remy nodded and admitted it honestly. “Yes. I did it for her. I wanted to be nearer to her, see her frequently, and interact with her in close proximity. She also approved my refurbishing plans for this villa after a discussion together.”

Elisa said, “Remy, are you hinting at me?”

Remy looked toward her and said seriously, “Elisa, this isn’t a hint. It’s you. You’re the person I like. I bought this villa to be closer to your house. We’ll be neighbors in the future. I’ll be able to interact with you up close.

“If we can be together, we’ll live in that villa long–term, so it’ll be convenient for you to visit your family.”

Elisa was speechless.

She was surprised, yet at the same time, she did not find it shocking.

During the meal, Grandma May had hinted to her about it. She was shocked at that moment. However, she also thought the old lady was right after thinking about it.

Remy’s actions were intentional.

He kept holding off his confession. Elisa was too lazy to overthink and did not dare develop feelings for him as she feared it was wishful thinking.

“Elisa, I like you. No, I love you.”

Remy confessed in earnest. “Can you give me an opportunity to pursue you? If you can’t accept my feelings, let’s remain friends. Please don’t sever our friendship. It’s my first time loving a girl seriously and wholeheartedly.

“Once a man of the Johnson family marries a wife, he’ll be loyal to his family and marriage for the rest of his life. We won’t betray our wives and treat love seriously. We never mess around.”

Elisa was a person who expressed her love and hate daringly.

She was not a fool. She had thought about the good things Remy had done for her.

However, she did not dare take the initiative anymore after suffering a setback with Zachary. She was scared it would all be in vain again.

Elisa was not afraid of failure.

Nevertheless, it was demoralizing to experience failures repeatedly.

Since Remy had confessed, she would consider it thoroughly.

“I know the Johnson family upholds great family values. In Annenburg, many young girls dream of marrying into the Johnson family to have a loving husband, not riches.”

Remy felt relief upon hearing Elisa’s words.

Luckily, the rumors of his family’s good values had spread all the way to Wiltspoon.


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