Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 733 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 733

“What time is it already? And he’s still not up?”

“Zachary is always busy and has to work overtime for social engagements. Let him sleep a little longer.”

Tania said, “It’s typical for him to work until midnight before coming home, and he still gets up early the next day for his morning run. He’s only lazy now because you’re here. Serenity, you shouldn’t spoil him. Whether it’s men or women, you’ll be the one suffering if you spoil them rotten.”

“Mom, are you badmouthing me behind my back?”

Zachary came out of the room dressed in a suit. He exuded a certain glow and looked dashing.

However, he did not put on his suit jacket and his tie was not worn.

He carried those in his hands.

Tania got up and walked over. “You came out just as I called you lazy. It’s fortunate I wasn’t scolding you.

“The weather has warmed up a bit these two days, but it’s still cold in the morning. Hurry up and put your jacket on so you don’t catch another cold, lest you tire out Serenity again.”

Tania was just about to take his jacket to help him put it on. It was a habit of hers when taking care of her husband.

Zachary quickly put on the jacket by himself.

He wanted Serenity to do it for him.

He put on his tie as well.

Serenity’s voice was heard from the kitchen. “Mom, if he catches a cold again, let him get injections every day.”

Zachary’s handsome face fell.

Tania laughed. “Zack’s worst fear is the needles.”

“You don’t know this, but when your daughter-in-law was taking care of me, she heard me casually saying that taking medicine has a lot of side effects, so she had the doctor switch my medicine to jabs instead. She forced me to get an injection every day. I almost wanted to puke.”

Tania’s eyes twinkled, but her attitude remained unchanged as she said, “Serenity is just looking out for you and wants you to get better soon. Besides, you were the one who complained about the side effects of medicine, only then she asked for injections instead. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“You have to take care of yourself and don’t make me worry about you. Also, Serenity doesn’t have to look after the store now, but you can’t let her do everything. Help her with the chores when you have time.

“Look, she got up early in the morning to work in the kitchen, but you slept in until now.”

Tania nagged Zachary.

In the kitchen, Serenity suddenly understood why Zachary asked her to wear an apron before opening the door for her mother-in-law. It was so Tania could see how diligent she was.

That man was still helping her out.

Serenity’s affection for Zachary deepened further.

Zachary helped ease the relationship between them so they would feel a little closer.

There was a saying that mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law were natural enemies, but they both loved the same man. As long as that man mediated the conflict between these two women, they could get along nicely.

Tania was not too happy with Serenity, but Zachary knew how to ease their relationship. He deliberately let his mother see how Serenity took care of him, spoiled him, and how hard she worked.

Women who married into the York family were spoiled endlessly by their husbands and could not stand seeing men barking orders while sitting on their thumbs. A man could not just leave everything to his wife and nitpick about what she did.

Thus, Zachary told Serenity to open the door for his mother while wearing an apron so his mother would think that Serenity got up early to make breakfast while he continued to sleep.

That way, his mother would feel sorry for Serenity and scold him instead.

As a son, he did not care even if he was scolded by his mother.

“Mom, isn’t it natural for Serenity to get up early to make breakfast and clean up the house? That’s what all women do.”


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