Married at First Sight Chapter 1861 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1861 by desirenovel-Mr. Chandler did not hold Trenton back and let him leave the coffee shop.

After he left, Mr. Chandler called his mother, and after his mother answered the phone, he said to his mother: “Mom, Trenton still doesn’t want to get in, but he should have had a quarrel with Camryn. He was slapped by Camryn, and half of his face was swollen.”

After hearing this, Mrs. Chandler said proudly, “It shows that our method is effective. You should pay more attention to Trenton and tell Camryn in front of him. I don’t believe that Trenton doesn’t care at all.”

Mrs. Chandler and her second sister had negotiated with Camryn several times, but to no avail. The main reason was that they had always despised Camryn, a niece. Because they had a good relationship with the elder brother, they got more benefits from the elder brother.

Naturally, she would not be nice to Camryn.

As soon as Camryn took over Newmans’s business, she began to attack the Chandler and Joyner families. Mrs. Chandler hated Camryn very much.

She didn’t know what shIt luck Camryn had, a blind woman could be liked by the second young master of the York family, if they didn’t believe it before, but now Callum was engaged to Camryn, and the engagement banquet was still held. It was very lively and lively, and the famous people in Wiltspoon were invited to the banquet.

Only the Chandler family and the Joyner family were not invited, which showed that Camryn also hated their two families.

It made the two families a joke in Wiltspoon.

“Mom, I know, but Trenton is also tired of us talking all the time. He quarreled with me just now, and now he has left.”

Mrs. Chandler said: “He is still a child. I don’t understand; he doesn’t like hearing what we say, so don’t tell him these things for the time being. Isn’t school starting soon? Find out what he’s missing and go shopping with him. Before school starts, send him to report to the university he was admitted to, and he won’t be angry. It’s just coaxing a child. Mom believes you can do it. Create a misunderstanding between her and the Second Young Master York. They are only engaged now, and they haven’t received the certificate yet, and the marriage still has a lot of variables.”

The Chandler family and the Joyner family not only want to drive a wedge between Camryn and his younger brother, She also wanted to break the marriage contract between Camryn and Callum, the best way would be to let Camryn have nothing.


After the mother and son ended the call, Mr. Chandler also left the hotel quickly.

But when Camryn came out of the hotel, Callum didn’t help her to the parking lot, but led her to the right of the hotel.

Camryn was in a bad mood, and with her fiancé by her side, she didn’t pay attention to remembering the number of steps.

After walking a long way, she realized that something was wrong. She stopped and asked the man beside her, “Callum, where are you taking me?”

“You seem unhappy, so I’ll take you somewhere relaxing. There is a park nearby, and I’ll take you there for a stroll. It is full of trees, is ideal for summer strolling, and is cool.”

Camryn was silent, and said: “Okay.”


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