Married at First Sight Chapter 1865 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1865 by desirenovel-Hayden raised her head and glared at her younger brother, then put down her smile, she reached out to her younger brother, said: “Bring it here.”

Hugh quickly handed the file bag to Hayden.

“Sister.” Hugh called out in a low voice.

Hayden stared at him. Hugh stuck out his tongue, and quickly changed his words: “Brother.”

In the company, Hayden couldn’t be called sister.

Hayden had disguised herself as a man for more than 20 years, even if she would pass on in the future. Hugh couldn’t reveal it because his sister would severely beat him.

The siblings learned martial arts together, but Hugh was still not as good as his sister.

It’s just that he came out ten minutes earlier than her, and he felt like he was born ten years earlier than her.

“Kevin didn’t lie to you. He was indeed urged to marry by his family. The urging was too strong. He used the excuse of going on a business trip and came to Jensburg to seek refuge.” Hugh said gloatingly.

Hayden took out the materials that his younger brother had organized from the file bag, read them carefully, and tore them up.

“Brother, why did you tear it up? It took me a while to find out, and it’s my credit for printing it out.” Hugh wanted to stop it, but he was too late.

He had the illusion that the fruits of his labor were being ruined by his sister.

“Tear it up, burn it, and even the ashes are flushed into the sewer, so that we can ensure that Kevin doesn’t know about it, and we can’t let him know that we have investigated him, which will cause unnecessary misunderstandings.”

As Hayden said, she actually took out the lighter and burned the paper that she had torn in half. After the paper was burned to ashes, she took out two paper towels, got up, squatted down, and used the paper towels Pack up those ashes.

Seeing this, Hugh hurried to help.

The siblings wrapped all the ashes on the ground with paper towels, and Hugh took the initiative and said, “I’ll wash it in the bathroom.”

Hayden didn’t speak, and acquiesced in her younger brother’s behavior.

A few minutes later, Hugh sat back across from his sister and saw that she was processing documents again. He said, “Brother, I haven’t finished talking about Kevin’s gossip. Are you not interested?”

“I’m not interested in anyone’s gossip.” Hayden said coldly: “Say what you want, I’ll listen.”

“I received this news on the way to the company, so I didn’t have time to summarize it in the materials, brother, I heard that the old lady of the York family has chosen grandsons-in-law for several of her marriageable grandchildren.”

Hayden didn’t answer.

Grandma May was a very fun old lady. The old lady would help her grandchildren choose their granddaughter-in-law. Hayden didn’t find it strange, and even took it for granted.

Many old Mistress of big families started to worry about their grandchildren’s marriage because they had retired for many years and didn’t have to worry about anything else.

Grandma May was such an old lady.

Hugh: “Mr. York and his wife came together under the help of the old lady, and now they are loving each other. The wedding of the two is under preparation, and the happy day is coming soon.”

Hayden hummed and said: “Young Master York and his wife’s wedding, we all have to go to drink the wedding wine.”

Hugh: “It’s natural, for Young Master York’s wedding, everyone should give him that face.”


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