Married at First Sight Chapter 1867 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1867 by desirenovel-Hayden thought for a while and said, “I think Kathryn Farrell is pretty good.”

The Farrell family patriarch’s real daughter was Kathryn. Making Kathryn was raised by the housekeeper’s former parents, despite the fact that she was maliciously transferred by the housekeeper not long after her birth. She still carried the family’s blood in her bones. Though not wealthy, the Farrell family was well-known and regarded as very noble.

Even if Kathryn grew up in a harsh environment, she couldn’t conceal the nobleness she was born with.

A year ago, Kathryn was brought back by her biological parents, and the real and fake Farrell’s daughter belonged to everyone.

However, the fake Farrell’s daughter, Shiloh Farrell was loved by her parents and elder brother because she grew up in Farrell family. Kathryn still stayed at Farrell’s house. She was recognized as a goddaughter by the head of the Farrell family.

When Kathryn was mentioned, Hugh frowned, and said: “Although Kathryn is dignified and generous, she was found by her parents, but she has not yet gained a firm foothold in Farrell family, and her relatives love Shiloh even more.

The truth can’t be fake, the fake can’t be true, so what if Shiloh is favored again? The ancestors of the Farrell family taught that the blood of the Farrell family can only inherit the family business of the Farrell family, and the Farrell family will still be handed over to Kathryn in the future.”

The Farrells were not like other families. All of the women in their family were in charge. The family heads didn’t get married, but they did find a son-in-law. After they got married, the son took the last name of the father, and the daughter took the last name of the mother. Therefore, the women of the Farrell family were all very powerful.

Of course, there had been a lot of gossip news about the members of the Farrell family fighting for power and profit.

For example, it was said that the Patriarch of this year killed the older sister and the younger sister, killed the older sister’s in-laws, and even threw away his niece and the older sister’s two daughters. No one knew, but everyone thought that the head of the Farrell family’s two daughters must have already become bones.

After all, those poor sisters were only a few years old when they lost their parents.

If they were fortunate, they might be placed in an orphanage at the most. They would starve to death on the streets if they weren’t lucky.

It happened decades ago. In those days, it was not uncommon for people to starve to death due to lack of food and clothing.

This time, the head of the Farrell family had only one daughter, but after the daughter was born, she was maliciously transferred by the housekeeper. The housekeeper’s daughter has been doted on by the head of the Farrell family for more than 20 years. Even if the housekeeper found the real daughter of the Farrell family, The patriarch’s affection for his biological daughter has always been faint.

Everyone in Jensburg stared at the real daughter of the Farrell family, wanting to see if she could successfully take over the position of Patriarch from her own mother.

“Hugh, your sister has secretly investigated all those daughters in Jensburg for you. Except for Kathryn, I think they are still a bit inferior. When it comes to spending money, Kathryn is not as good as them, but when it comes to skills, ability, Kathryn is stronger than them.

I only met Kathryn a few times at the banquet, and she has only been back to Farrell’s house for a year, so how do I know she is strong? She doesn’t seem to speak much, but she has a Baozi appearance.”

Hayden said to his younger brother: “Why don’t you try to find out, is she Baozi?”

Kathryn was definitely a person who pretended to be a pig and ate a tiger.

The eldest daughter of the Farrell family had always been formidable.

Kathryn Farrell, this year’s Farrell family leader, she could be the eldest or youngest daughter; either way, she was not a bad person.

Hugh pouted, “Sister, are you trying to match me and Kathryn? With so many fights in the Farrell family, I don’t want to get involved in the Farrell family’s affairs.”

Hayden: “Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Do you think that all families are as harmonious as the York family in Wiltspoon and the Johnson family in Annenburg?”

After a moment of silence, Hugh said, “Kathryn should also attend the banquet next week. When the time comes, if she is as good as you say she is and can attract my favor, I will take her down and marry her but I-I’m not a door-to-door son-in-law!”


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