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Married at First Sight Chapter 2455-Zachary laughed and said: “Don’t worry, I will never commit m*rder and arson to violate the law. Our York family’s business is also a legal and legitimate business. Even if it is my enemy, I will only compete through business. Let the opponent lose.

If the opponent is strong, I may not be able to defeat him in a few years. You see, your cousin and I used to be rivals. After fighting for many years, I still can’t defeat her, but she also can’t defeat me.

The ability to bankrupt someone in a minute, well, I don’t have.”

Zachary admitted that he was not powerful, but he could bankrupt his enemies’s companies in minutes. He needed a process to deal with his enemies.

Serenity said: “If you take action, then I won’t care. I don’t have that much energy to take care of this kind of thing now. Anyway, I believe you!”

Serenity rested her head on Zachary’s shoulder, and within two minutes, she sat upright again, read the news about Analia again, and said, “After you complained to Mr. Dawson last time, Mr. Dawson should come back from abroad.

It stands to reason that Analia should also give up and admit her mistakes to her father. After all, Mr. Dawson is her own father. and Analia is only his daughter. The father and daughter will not be arguing like this. Is it true that Analia is still doing it behind her back? What happened that you hid from me and didn’t let me know?”

Zachary said: “It’s not a big deal, it’s nothing more than the substitute that Analia found. Kingston was greedy for the Dawson Family’s money, and finally managed to get to the top. It’s just hard to get rid of it. Because of Kingston, Analia had a dispute with Mr. Dawson.”

“The conflict between father and daughter arose in this way, coupled with Kingston’s backstabbing, the rift between father and daughter became bigger and bigger. Analia and her mother blamed Mr. Dawson, thinking that Mr. Dawson always wants to give his family property and company to Kingston.

The more noisy the mother and daughter are, the more disappointed Mr. Dawson will be with his daughter. Kingston’s methods must be more than that. Don’t look at it. In the end, the person in charge must be Kingston.”

Zachary had no sympathy for this at all.

Analia knew that Zachary and Serenity were married, but she was planning on Zachary, so she approached her even more arrogantly, and even wanted Serenity to share Zachary with her.

Did Analia believe Zachary to be a shared bicycle?

For such people, Zachary didn’t even bother to take action himself, he could just leave it.

It is true that Jasper loved his daughter, but he valued the Dawson Group more. He would not allow his daughter to destroy the Dawson Group.

What Analia could get in the future was probably a small share of the Dawson Group. She did not have a very powerful position in the company. Jasper would always give her a house, a shop, and a deposit, but she would not be given the management rights of the Dawson Group.

Even the Dawson Group’s shares, Jasper would not give his daughter too much, at most he would give a little, so that his daughter could share dividends and protect her future life.

Serenity: “There are a lot of fights in the wealthy family. Husband, I still like the atmosphere in your house. It is very harmonious. Brothers, uncles and nephews are harmonious.”

Zachary hugged Serenity and let her lean on him again. He smiled, “My home is also your home. Grandma said everything will prosper when the family is harmonious. Only when the family is harmonious can everything prosper.”

Serenity nodded.

Everyone will say that when everything is prosperous, everything will be prosperous. It is easy to read these words, and it is not difficult to write them. However, it is very difficult to realize that everything is prosperous when family is harmonious. Not many big families can truly achieve this.

The York family was an old lady who had cohesion, and she would also train children and grandchildren, and she paid attention to marrying wives and virtuous children and grandchildren.

A good wife blessed three generations.

Only when the children and grandchildren marry good wives could the York family’s “family and everything prosper” be continued and the York family would continue to prosper.

“Hayden, Hayden, don’t walk so fast, I can’t keep up with your pace.”

Kevin’s voice suddenly reached the couple’s ears.

Both looked for their reputation and saw Kevin chasing Hayden away.

Kevin was still holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand, probably freshly picked flowers, not packaged.

Hayden stopped, turned around and said to him: “Kevin, can you shut up? You have to follow me even if I take a walk, and you still nag in my ears.”


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