The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7072

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7072-Xanthakos roared furiously, “You rebellious son! Since you’re so stubborn, I’ll seal you and your damn mother away for eternity. That should prevent you from causing anymore trouble for me!”

He flipped his hand and prepared to cast a sealing spell. However, he felt a sudden sharp pain in his heart. His entire body trembled violently, and his face contorted in agony.

Youcef looked at him puzzledly.

Xanthakos then started shaking uncontrollably, and Nothingness Dead Energy burst from his body, causing him to scream in pain.

Instantly, the Nothingness Dead Energy enveloped the entire Punishment Hall, swallowing Youcef as well.

At that moment, outside the Punishment Hall, a beam of multicolored light rapidly shot in, transforming into a beautiful figure who appeared beside Youcef.

Without a word, she helped the seriously injured Youcef up. “Come with me!”

“No!” Youcef rejected Thea, staring intently at Xanthakos, who was screaming in pain. “James is acting up again and is being even more brutal this time.”

Thea followed Youcef’s gaze and saw Xanthakos trembling on the spot. His body twisted and deformed as the Nothingness Dead Energy poured out from him. It looked as if he were trapped in endless purgatory, suffering immensely.

Soon, colorful lights flew out of Xanthakos’ body and floated in the void, creating a stark contrast with the surrounding Nothingness Dead Energy. “Is that the Gate of Mystery’s Path Cauldron?” Thea asked while supporting Youcef.

Youcef nodded and replied, “Yeah. It’s where his Primordial Spirit resides.”

Thea snorted. “Ha! It’s spinning rapidly. Is my husband really up to something in the Gate of Mystery?”

As she spoke, a hole suddenly appeared on the side of the Gate of Mystery’s Path Cauldron.

Countless purple-gold Sword Lights burst out from the cauldron, flying toward a corner of the Punishment Hall. The next moment, a large hole appeared on a wall.

Thea’s eyes widened in shock, and exclaimed, “Woah! Those are some scary Sword lights.”

Youcef gasped and said, “The Path Cauldron was pierced. The situation within the Gate of Mystery must be terrifying. I’m afraid Dorvus, the Eighteen Emperors, and Twelve God-Kings might have already fallen.”

Xanthakos growled in pain as more Nothingness Dead Energy leaked from his body.

The next moment, another wave of Sword Lights burst out from the Path Cauldron and shot out in different directions.

Thea, who was supporting Youcef, quickly reached out and cast a barrier.

However, the purple-gold Sword instantly shattered it.

“Dodge!” Thea exclaimed, pulling Youcef to evade as countless sword lights swept past their previous position, bringing a terrifying gust of wind.

Having narrowly escaped disaster, excitement, and shock were evident on Thea’s beautiful face. “Is this really my husband’s doing? Is he really this powerful now?”

Youcef nodded and said helplessly, if he decides to leave the Gate of Mystery, hardly anyone in the Forty-Ninth Heaven could rival him.”

Thea asked impatiently, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s just leave and let my husband deal with your father?”

Youcef thought for a while and asked, “Why does that sound a bit weird?”

Thea retorted, “What is? He is trying to seal you and your mother away! Do you still think of him as your father?”

Thea supported Youcef up to his feet. Then, they immediately transformed into light beams and left the scene.


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