The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7073

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7073-Though Xanthakos was screaming in agony, Thea and Youcef’s actions were under his control. In addition to cursing Youcef as a rebellious son, he developed an extreme hatred for Thea. However, there was nothing much he could do.

He was in a dire situation. He could either surrender the Gate of Mystery to James or hold onto it and endure James’ relentless torture.

While desperately enduring the agonizing pain, a purple-gold light emerged, and James’ Primordial Spirit materialized in the Nothingness Dead Energy. James stood calmly, hands behind his back, watching the twisted, suffering Xanthakos with a victorious expression.

“J-James,” Xanthakos stammered, “What do you want? Didn’t we have an


Aren’t you afraid of the soul contract’s backlash?” James replied coldly, “Who said I broke the soul contract? Stop talking nonsense and open the door to the Gate of Delmuna. I’ll forgive you if you comply.”

Xanthakos’ pupils trembled at his words. ‘You want to pass through the Gate of Delmuna? You’re…”

James said impatiently. “Don’t get so worked up. I just want to see an old friend.

Of course, you can refuse, but then I’ll have to search for it within the Gate of Mystery. With my power, finding the Gate of Delmuna won’t be hard, but you will have to endure more pain and torture.”

Xanthakos roared, panicking. “No, don’t! I’ll do it! Don’t you want to save Harper? I’ll let her go. But you must promise me that after rescuing Harper, you’ll leave the Gate of Mystery immediately…”

James interrupted, “What’s the rush? There are still many interesting things in the Gate of Mystery that I haven’t explored yet. Besides, our soul contract isn’t over yet. You need to let me think it over. Don’t you want to cooperate with me?”

Xanthakos shuddered and hesitated. He put himself at a disadvantage, and there was little he could do to change the situation.

On the one hand, he wanted to use James to defeat Lord Goyo, seize control of the Forty-Ninth Heaven, and obtain the Path Designation Bead to control the Greater Realms. By then, even if James or the Waitara Path returned, he would be strong enough to fight them.

On the other hand, James’ chaos within the Gate of Mystery was unbearable.

Xanthacos knew well that, with his personality and hatred for him, cooperation was impossible.

However, the soul contract put him in an inescapable situation, which felt like an eternity.

He had his considerations and thoughts. With James’current strength, he was a transcendent force capable of dominating the Greater Realms. Even if Xanthakos used all his power, he might fail.

Moreover, James was accompanied by Morgott, the Soremsia of a Nothingness Gods, and Yianni, whose power surpassed the source of all spirits.

Such a force could determine the outcome of the Forty-Ninth Heavens. Even if they did not cooperate with him, he could not let them ally with Lord Goyo.

Otherwise, he would be in a terrible situation.

For this reason, three epochs would not make much difference in the grand scheme.

Appeasement was now essential. Even if it meant enduring humiliation, he had to get through it.

Once the three epochs were over, without the constraints of the soul contract, he could regain control of the Gate of Mystery. At that time, no matter how strong James was, he could only be trapped within the Gate of Mystery.


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