The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7075

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7075-Within the Gate of Mystery, a dazzling flash of light appeared, opening a radiant gate beneath the lotus where James and his companions stood.

James, Lesia, Morgott, and Yianni looked down to see millions of dazzling lights shining within the gate. The sight was sacred and imposing, exuding an aura of immense power.

Lesia exclaimed. “Delmuna Power! My Lord, that is the Gate of Delmuna.”

Yianni gasped and exclaimed, “I never expected Xanthakos to actually move the Gate of Delmuna beneath James’ lotus. No wonder we couldn’t locate it even after James tore through the space here. He’s incredibly cunning.”

James asked, “Can the Gate of Delmuna be set to move freely?”

Yianni nodded. “Absolutely. The Gate of Mystery is the source of the world.

Xanthakos controls the Tohmuna and Delmuna Gates, which is why he acts so brazenly.”

“Shall we give it a try?” Morgott asked James eagerly.

James and the others appeared before the dazzling light gate.

Just as Morgott was about to rush in, James stopped him.

Morgott said hastily. “That’s the Gate of Delmuna. Whoever controls it becomes the master of Greater Realms!”

Lesia knocked Morgott on the head and reprimanded, “Are you stupid?

Master’s main interest is the Gate of Mystery, which naturally includes the source of the world. Why should I care about a mere Gate of Delmuna?”

Morgott grumbled and fell silent.

Suddenly, a giggling girl’s laughter emanated from the light gate. Her voice was filled with charm and allure.

Yianni, Morgott, and Hankin, who were already considered exceptional powerhouses in the Greater Realms, also could not help but be mesmerized.

James frowned, and with a wave of his hand, a transparent air barrier formed in front of him.

Yianni, Morgott, and Hankin, who had been entranced, snapped back to their senses, looking terrified.

“Is that her?”James asked with his hands behind his back.

Yianni took a deep breath. “Yes, I didn’t expect her enchantment technique to have reached such great heights. What a disaster!”

Lesia shouted, “Stop laughing, and show yourself! Now is not the time for you to flaunt your charms. It’s your only chance. Otherwise, you’ll end up dead.”

The charming woman’s voice came from within the light gate and said,” Ha!

How shameless, Xanthakos. To deceive me into becoming your cultivation partner, you’ve resorted to such despicable methods?

“You know my relationship with Frona, but you dare to pretend to be her. You’re truly shameless! If you have the guts, why don’t you show up as my lover as well?”

James turned his head puzzledly and asked, “Who’s her lover?”

Morgott and Hankin exchanged glances. Then, they followed Lesia’s mischievous gaze and noticed Yianni’s cheeks turning red.

Lesia chuckled, “Don’t be shy. She’s calling you.”

Yianni rolled her eyes and retorted, “Get lost.”

Under James’ curious gaze, he shouted, “A beautiful enchantress who stands above all worlds, wielding Historial Power, that stands tall. Even Marciais Power cannot defeat her mesmerizing smile.”

James’s eyes widened, and he almost dropped his jaw in shock. ‘What the hell?

Is this some kind of flattery poem? A beautiful enchantress? How ridiculous


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