The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7076

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7076-Lesia burst into laughter almost immediately, laughing so hard she fell over, her entire body shaking.

Morgott and Hankin were unsure whether to be astonished or amused, but the poem was undeniably shameless.

Observing the group’s reactions, Yianni, who had recited the poem, felt embarrassed. His handsome cheeks turned even redder, and he wished he could disappear into the ground.

To their surprise, the enchanting female voice from the light gate did not respond immediately, instead falling into a prolonged silence.

After a while, she replied, “The Heavenly King reigns!”

Blushing, Yianni replied helplessly, “But the fairy suppressed all!”

“The pagoda that suppressed the river monster!”

“I, however, am the little weakling!” Yianni forced out the words through gritted teeth, At this, James finally could not contain his laughter.

Lesia was already laughing so hard she nearly choked, her soul seemingly on the verge of splitting from laughter.

Meanwhile, Morgott and Hankin remained bewildered.

The next instant, countless butterflies suddenly surged from the light gate, each flap of their wings generating fierce gusts of wind that quickly cracked the transparent barrier James had cast.

James straightened up, his laughter cut short by the surprise.

The countless butterflies formed a blooming flower at the entrance of the light gate, creating a beautiful sight.

“Oh, there’s quite a crowd here. “The old hag and even my lover are here. Who might the rest of you be?”

Lesia immediately stood up and scolded, “If you call me that again, I’ll strip you naked and parade you through the Greater Realms.”

The charming voice giggled, “Naked? I’ve done it before and made plenty of supreme beings have nosebleeds. It was a cruel sight.”

Lesia rolled her eyes, about to retort, but Yianni waved his hand, interrupting.

“Come on out. James can give you a chance to be resurrected.”

The charming voice suddenly grew excited, “My little lover is here too? Where is he?”

Before James could speak, Yianni and Lesia pushed him forward.

Lesia chuckled. “Look at your little lover. He’s now someone even Yianni can’t catch up with.”

Yianni replied, “He’s James, the successor we chose together. He is now an existence that can dominate the Greater Realms. We will definitely avenge our past failures and humiliations.”

Suddenly, the flower released dazzling purple-pink light.

Shortly after, a beautiful and charming woman with a stunning figure slowly materialized.

Upon seeing her, Lesia and Yianni smiled in excitement, while Morgott and Hankin looked extremely surprised.

James’ pupils trembled as if he had seen the ghost of his ancestors appear before him.


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