The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7077

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7077-A charming woman gracefully stepped out from the radiant light, emerging from the portal. As she neared the transparent air barrier set by James, she lightly touched it with her jade finger, causing it to shatter instantly.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the beautiful woman approached James, surrounded by a flutter of colorful butterflies. She emanated a delightful fragrance and exuded charm that left everyone in awe.

The woman and James gazed at each other fondly as if they were old friends reunited after many years.

After a momentary shock, James snapped back to reality. “Sophie…”

The woman opened her arms and replied affectionately, “How lovely!

Come here, let sister kiss you. I’ve missed you a lot!”

James quickly took a few steps back, staring at the woman in disbelief. ” Who are you? Why do you look like Sophie?” The woman pointed at James and questioned Lesia and Yianni, “Which one of you made him a fool? Who took away his intelligence and left him adorably stupid? I can’t wait to take him to bed.”

James was rendered speechless.

Lesia and Yianni exchanged glances, covering their mouths to hide their laughter. “If he’s a fool, how did he make you want to help him seize the position of Supreme Path?” The woman burst into laughter, making her even more captivating.

James realized Harper, who resembled Sophie, was indeed an enchantress.

Her every move exuded natural charm, not the result of training but because of her Enchantment Body.

She was a mesmerizing woman, on par with his wife, Lesia, and Yehri.

However, she seemed to have a more wild and free aura.

After a while, Harper looked at James with a mischievous smile. “If you want to sleep with me, you can call me darling. If not, you can just address me by my name. You’re not allowed to use any honorific titles with me.”

James stared at her and asked, “Is Sophie your Soremsia?”

Harper replied smilingly, “Soremsia? What a nice term for it. Well, I guess she would be considered my Soremsia. We’ve spent quite a long time together, right?”

James suddenly asked, “Wait. Why do you have a Soremsia, but my master doesn’t?”

He turned to Yiannia and questioned, “You…”

Harper looked at James affectionately and said smilingly, ‘What a silly child.

Yianni is obsessed with cultivation. To pass on the Marcials Combat Form, he left a part of his soul in the Yin World. He’s long been dead, so how could he have a Soremsia?”

Looking at Yianni, Harper asked, “Am I right, Honey?”

Yianni’s face flushed, and he nodded embarassedly.

James suddenly realized why Harper had never been reborn, hence it made sense why she had a Soremsia. Yianni, on the other hand, had spared no expense for the sake of passing on the Marciais Combat Form.

As Lesia had said, Yianni knew his final fate and chose a different path from Harper.

Harper and Sophie were indeed the same person.

Harper must have cultivated her Soremsia, Sophie, only after achieving the Daeclon Mahayana and meeting me.

James pondered on the connection between Xanthakos’ Soremsia, Emperor Jabari, and Harper.


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