The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7078

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7078-“Let’s refrain from discussing the past for now,” Harper said, surveying the individuals present before settling her gaze on Morgott and Hankin. “Who might these two unsightly figures be?”

At the mention of ’unsightly,’ Morgott’s face darkened.

Hankin, on the other hand, remained speechless. “That unsightly figure over there happens to be Morgott, whom you once held in high regard for,” Lesia chimed mischievously. Remember your admiration for him? Now’s your chance to fulfill those desires.”

Upon hearing this, excitement flashed across Morgott’s face as he looked at Harper.

However, Harper shook her head disdainfully. “So that’s what he looks like?

That’s quite disappointing. He lacks any semblance of handsomeness. Not even comparable with my sweetheart,” Harper remarked, eliciting a transition in Morgott’s emotions from anticipation to fury.

“Damn it! How dare you insult me? I am your senior! Have you no sense of decorum?” Morgott erupted.

Harper retorted sharply. “Shut up. I can’t believe you’re Morgott with how you look. Do you realize how much I used to adore him? I was so infatuated and had such high expectations. Just seeing you today makes me regret it.”

“Get lost! Don’t even speak to me. You’ve cast your shadow over mine. How annoying.”

Harper shoved Morgott aside, igniting rage within him.

Yianni and Lesia quickly restrained him from taking action.

Suddenly, Harper approached Hankin and delivered a resounding slap to his cheek without a word.

Hankin was momentarily stunned by the abrupt assault. “You…”

Slap! She followed up with another slap to his other cheek.

Hankin staggered, nearly losing his balance.

“Harper…” Yianni attempted to intervene, but Harper linked arms with him and exhaled softly.

Harper shook her head and said, “Emperor Benevolence, Hankin, the chief strategist and esteemed guest under Xanthakos, have you forgotten your own position?”

Hankin, still nursing his reddened cheek, met her gaze with a hint of remorse.

Harper said coldly, “If you’re standing here unscathed, it means James has granted you mercy. Our grievances, no matter how significant, are over with these two slaps.

“But if I even suspect a hint of betrayal toward our beloved James, I’m sure you’re acquainted with my cruel methods,” she added, a strange smile playing on her lips as she looked at Hankin.

Fear flashed across Hankin’s face as he hastily retreated behind James.

Finally, Harper turned to face James and asked, “Have you reached a decision, my dear?”

James shrugged. “It’s difficult for me to link you with Sophie.”

Harper winked at him and said, “Would you prefer me to act like her? You’ll have to be prepared to pay a hefty price, including the separation of your wife and children. It might ruin your family.”

James was rendered completely speechless.


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