The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7079

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7079-Yianni quickly approached James and whispered, “Even if you can win, don’t provoke her.”

Confronted by Harper’s evil grin, James could not shake his apprehension.

Apart from his wife, he deemed other beautiful women untrustworthy.

After concluding this, James shrugged at Harper. “Whether you’re Harper or Sophie, as long as traces of Sophie’s kindness remain, I’ll acknowledge you as a friend.”

Harper pouted, “You’ve changed, my dear. You’ve become ruthless, and…”

“Enough,” James waved his hand to cut her off. He turned to Yianni and Lesia, then said, “Henceforth, she’s your responsibility. I can’t afford to get involved in her drama.”

James transformed into a light beam and ascended upon the lotus.

Harper looked at the others and said, “Ha! Quite fiery, isn’t he? Am I really that intimidating?”

Morgott, Hankin, Yianni, and Lesia dispersed promptly, leaving Harper bewildered.

In the Forty-Ninth Heaven, within the Qadeer Temple, as the Wuia Integration Gathering drew near, powerhouses across the Greater Realms gathered, and the place was filled with liveliness.

Seated upon a jade couch emitting a golden glow, Xanthakos exuded majesty, holding the Emperor’s scepter and wine cup.

Before the assembled crowd, he displayed the might of an emperor, regal and imposing.

“Emperor Qadeer is eternal. Emperor Qadeer embodies virtue!”

The crowd raised their wine cups, knelt, and chanted in unison.

Xanthakos chuckled, “Excellent. The Four Great Holiness and the Nine Hidden Emperors are like my brothers. Today, let US reunite and revel. Cheers!”

With that proclamation, he downed the wine in one go.

The crowd cheered and swiftly emptied their wine cups.

After a while, Xanthakos spread his arms with a smile and said, “Brothers, rise and take your seats.”

However, a few exchanged glances. They did not get up, and their gazes fixed on Xanthakos.

A white-haired woman asked, “Is it time, Emperor Qadeer?”

Her words prompted similar questions from several others.

“We’ve long prepared for this moment and are ready to act on your command.”

“We’ll brave any period at your word.”

“With Lord Goyo’s emergence, it’s time to resolve the matter of the Forty- Ninth Heaven.”

‘Though we appear alone, each of US commands hidden armies awaiting your decision.”

Xanthakos took a deep breath, his gaze shifting to the two red-haired old men at the edge.

Subsequently, the others followed his gaze.

After a moment of hesitation, one of the red-haired old men raised his head slowly. “Are you ready, Xanthakos?”

Xanthakos grinned and asked, “And what about you two, my old friends?”

The two old men exchanged glances before standing simultaneously, smiles etched on their faces.

Suddenly, they waved their hands, and hundreds of warriors wielding colossal axes emerged from a flash of purple-blue light beside an enormous pillar.

Though their eyes remained shut, their demeanor exuded murderous intent and determination. The gigantic axes they wielded gleamed ominously.

Xanthakos’ eyes lit up at the sight, descending the stairs eagerly. “Have you already mastered it?” The two old men chuckled, nodding in confirmation.

Xanthakos approached one of the warriors and reached out. Suddenly, the warrior’s eyes snapped open, revealing its blood-red pupils. The next second, it swung its sharp axe without any warning.


Xanthakos tried to dodge, but the axe slightly brazed him. He took a few steps backward and lowered his head to see a ghastly wound on his abdomen.

The other divine beings gasped in horror at the sight. The two old men grinned slyly.

Xanthakos looked at them and exclaimed, “So strong! Are these the legendary Nothingness Spiritual Warriors?”

One of the old men chuckled and replied, “Yes. For eight hundred thousand years, Quintus and I have been cultivating in the Mount Path, focused on fulfilling our mission.”

The other old man chuckled, “We boast about five thousand Nothingness Spiritual Warriors like this, each of them having the strength of the Daeclon Mahayana. The ninety-nine commands could rival any emperor under your command.”

Xanthakos burst into laughter. His ultimate trump card was finally assured. It was the reason why he was willing to sacrifice the Marauder Army into the Gate of Mystery to deal with James.

Any of these Nothingness Spiritual Warriors could decimate thousands of Marauder Warriors. Their primary purpose was not James, but instead, Lord Goyo.

Xanthakos approached the two old men and bowed. He said earnestly, ” You’ve endured a lot, my old friends. Without your perseverance, we would not have achieved so much today. This time, we’ll sweep the Forty-Ninth Heaven and claim dominion over the Greater Realms.

“I will remember your contributions and will reward you two handsomely.”

The two old men did not bask in flattery. Instead, they looked at Xanthakos doubtfully.

“What’s the matter?” Xanthakos inquired, puzzled by their stares.

‘There’s something wrong with the Gate of Mystery,” said Quintus.

Xanthakos was taken aback. He questioned, “You managed to detect it?”

The other old man remarked coldly, ‘That lad is a grave threat. If left unchecked, our plans…”

Xanthakos sighed and asked, “Do you two have a way to deal with him?


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