Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1522 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1522

Elisa laughed. She said, “I’m only a nice girl to you guys. Others say I’m the wild daughter of a rich family. Those madames never considered having me as their daughter–in–law. They think they can’t control a daughter–in–law like me ”

She would not be suppressed. Her family was strong.

The usual wealthy families truly did not consider having Elisa as a daughter–in–law.

Men of equal social standing to her were married or younger than her. She would never consider dating a younger man.

“That’s because they have bad eyes and blindly follow other people’s opinions. They believed the rumors without trying to understand you. When Serenity and I first met you, we thought you were an honest, straightforward person.”

Jasmine returned to the kitchen to prepare the juice.

“Elisa, you’re really great. We’re not deceiving you with sweet words just because we’re friends.”

Elisa entered the kitchen.

She watched as Jasmine blended the juice.

“Can you tell me who confessed to you? Is it Mr. Johnson?” Jasmine asked.

Elisa said, “Did you know about it?”

Did everyone know about Remy’s feelings for her?

Jasmine smiled and said, “Mr. Johnson’s special treatment for you was too obvious. He spent so much. money buying the pre–owned villa next to your house to get closer to you. Do you think he lacks a house? There are many decent villas in Wiltspoon, but he never bought any of them. Instead, he bought that second–hand house. Who did he do it for if not you?”

Elisa said, “So you guys found out after he bought the pre–owned villa. I never thought about other things. at that time. I simply thought it was normal that Remy would buy that villa because even my family wanted it too.

“He wanted to refurbish the villa and sought my opinions about refurbishing plans. I didn’t overthink it and mentioned my ideas to him. He took all of my advice.”

“That’s a house he bought to get closer to you. It’s not surprising if he wants to live there with you in the future. Naturally, he’ll listen to your suggestions and fallow your wishes.”

After a moment of silence, Elisa asked, “Jas, do you think I should accept him? He confessed to me, and I was caught off–guard.”

“There’s no need to be hasty. You can think about it slowly. If you think you’re willing to be with him and spend your remaining life together, you can accept his feelings. But for now, you should thoroughly enjoy the sweetness of being wooed by an outstanding man”

Jasmine was in favor of Elisa and Remy dating. However, she still suggested that Elisa think it through.

In their opinion, Remy was a fine man.

However, no matter how great he was, Remy and Elisa had to have mutual feelings. Even if they advised Elisa to accept him, she would not be happy in the future if she simply thought of him as a friend without harboring romantic feelings.

After giving it some thought, Elisa said, “I think I haven’t fallen in love with him, but I’m happy whenever we’re together. We have many common topics. I used to think Zachary was the best guy, but I realized there were many nice guys out there after knowing Remy.”

Jasmine said, “Zachary is great, but his attention isn’t on you. Remy’s status may not compare to Zachary’s, but he only has eyes for you, and his heart is filled with you. Their family backgrounds are equally excellent. What’s rarer is that both families have a good reputation.

“Elisa, if mutual love can’t be achieved, you should go for the man who loves you. He’ll tolerate and dote on you because he loves you.”

Elisa was deep in thought.

“You don’t have to do anything on purpose. Just go with the flow and interact with each other the way Josh and I did. There won’t be a lot of ups and downs, so it’ll be calm yet blissful. Josh is very romantic. He’ll prepare some romantic surprises for me often. That’s enough.

“Not many people’s romances are dramatic. We don’t have to aim for an over–the–top love but a loving partner.”

Jasmine was done blending the juice. She poured a glass of juice for Elisa. There was still enough for two more. She washed Serenity’s cup and poured it for her too.

Jasmine said, “Serenity will be back in a jiffy. I’ll prepare a cup for her too.”

“What yummy drink did you prepare for me?”

Serenity’s voice rang just after Jasmine spoke.


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