Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1523 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1523

Elisa said with a grin, “Speak of the devil.

“Jasmine made pear juice. She said she’ll make you a cup because she thinks you’ll be back soon. You came in just after she spoke. Luckily, we were not talking about you behind your back.”

Serenity laughed. “Jasmine must’ve heard my footsteps.”

Jasmine passed the blended juice to the girls.

Serenity held the juice and went to the cashier counter. After putting the juice down, she moved the small dining table she and Jasmine usually used for meals over.

The three of them sat around the table with their glass of juice.

“Seren, did you go to Spring Blossoms to look for Ms. Newman?”

Elisa asked, “How’s she now? She’s amazing. She managed to sue her stepfather and mother even though she’s blind.”

“I went to get flowers for Zachary. I didn’t see Camryn. She was gone for the entire day. The store employee said she would tell Camryn to call me after she returned. Camryn hasn’t been contacting me, and she switched phone numbers.”

After taking a sip of juice, Serenity sighed. “It’s hard being a sister–in–law.”

She only went to look for Camryn because she had promised Callum.

That brat caused trouble and asked her for help.

Elisa said with a smile. “There’s no helping it. Who asked Grandma May to have chosen Camryn for Callum? Speaking of which, it’s Callum’s job to court his wife. Why are you running errands for him?”

“He told Camryn the truth. She started avoiding him, so he came to me for help. I agreed because I thought I only had to persuade her.”

Serenity took another sip of juice.

“Camryn is blind, and she doesn’t have Whatsapp. I can’t contact her through Whatsapp. I couldn’t even find her after her phone number changed. Anyway, why do you have time to come over today, Elisa?”

Elisa immediately blushed.

Serenity was astonished that Elisa could actually blush

“What happened? Your face turned red.”

Serenity went to Elisa’s side right away. She asked nosily, “Do you have someone you like? Who is it? Tell

us about him.”

Jasmine said leisurely. “Who else can it be besides Mr. Johnson?”

Serenity said, “Oh, so it’s Remy. That’s great. Remy is nice, and you’re a good match for him, Elisa. However, you’re Aunt Audrey’s only daughter. She won’t be able to bear you marrying someone who lives far away. It’s not just her. Your entire family would hate to part with you too.

“Now that you’ve found out, I won’t keep secrets anymore. Aunt Audrey had personally requested me to ask Zachary to tell Remy that she can’t bear you marrying someone who lives far away and that he should stay away from you.”

Elisa said, “It’s a little far, but transportation is convenient nowadays. It’ll only take two or three hours by plane.

“Moreover, Remy’s working in Wiltspoon long–term. He has a house in Wiltspoon. He also bought the huge villa beside my family’s and became our neighbor. It’s not far at all.”

Serenity and Jasmine exchanged glances and laughed.

Elisa might not have fallen in love with Remy yet, but she was definitely fond of him.

She defended him immediately after it was mentioned that Remy lived too far away and that everyone could not bear with her leaving.

“Why are you guys laughing? I’m not putting in good words for Remy. They’re all facts.”

Elisa pinched Serenity.

“Remy confessed to me, but it wasn’t romantic at all. There were no roses or presents. He simply said he liked me.”

Thinking back, she had made things grand when she confessed to Zachary.

Serenity teased her. “I’ll tell Mr. Johnson to prepare roses and gifts and confess to you again.”

Elisa blushed again.

“Serenity, whose side are you on now?”

“Of course I’m on your side. I’m thinking about you and hoping for your happiness.”

Serenity wished for Elisa’s happiness more than anybody else.


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