Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1525 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1525

Josh said, “Don’t you have a business dinner tonight?”

He changed the topic.

It was to prevent Zachary from talking about the flowers again.

Zachary made it look as if Josh had never received flowers.

“I’m going to pick my wife up She’s accompanying me tonight

Josh hummed in acknowledgment

“I’m going to take a break after working for another week

It would be his and Jasmine’s wedding soon

Zachary said, “Isn’t there still half a month until the wedding day?”

As Josh walked outside with Zachary he said, “Half a month is only two weeks Can’t I take a break a week in advance?”

He could not possibly work up till the day of his wedding, right?

Zachary had nothing to say about that

“Mr York, Mr. Bucham.”

Everyone greeted them respectfully as they walked out.

“Shall we leave together?”

Josh was walking toward Zachary’s car Zachary asked him that question with raised eyebrows

“I have to bring my wife home to have dinner and then visit the house we’ll live in after our marriage.

Josh did not intend to live with his parents after the wedding

He wanted to have privacy with Jasmine.

His parents respected his decision.

As long as he was willing to marry and bear children, it would be easy to deal with his parents.

“Which house are you using after the wedding?” Zachary asked casually.

They got into his Rolls-Royce while Josh’s Porsche was handed over to one of Zachary’s bodyguards to be driven to the bookstore.

“It’ll be the villa on the hilltop. The one near your house. Jasmine and Serenity are best friends, so using that villa as our love nest will make it convenient for them to meet up too.”

Josh had always followed Zachary’s footsteps in buying houses.

Whenever Zachary bought a house, he would also buy one in the same location. He could scrounge free meals whenever he wanted if they lived nearby to each other.

“I thought that if you were changing neighborhoods, I’d refurbish a house near yours for Serenity and me to move into after we get married. Since you chose the villa on the hilltop, I’ll remain there I’ve lived there for almost ten years and have grown attached to it anyway.”

Zachary stayed in the villa on the hilltop often. There was no need to renovate it because he had used only the best for everything.

Serenity was not a materialistic person either.

However, Zachary still planned to ask her whether she had anything she wanted to change about the villa.

He could make the changes according to her wishes while there was still time.

Josh said, “You don’t have to refurbish your villa again, right? Although you’ve lived there for almost ten years, you used the best refurbishing design back then. Nothing will be out of style even after another decade.

“Most importantly, the renovation can’t be completed in a day or two.”

Josh did not renovate his villa either. He rarely lived there, so he just had to decorate it.

Zachary agreed. “I think so too, but I’ll still ask for Seren’s opinions. I think the house would look presentable after a good decorating.”

“Whose house can be considered presentable if yours isn’t?”

Josh laughed and said, “Other people’s newly renovated houses aren’t even as luxurious as yours.” Ring, ring…


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